Day 1 (Monday 05/09/16)

First day at college! A good start is always a warm up, and that’s how we started our first day. We did some uncoordinated choreography where the only purpose from my group was to try not to fall behind in tempo and just do it! I learned how musical bars were done.  Our choreography supposedly was coordinated in 8 steps but it was hard to keep up. Seemed like not enough space for all of us though.

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn

Seems like a room we will be coming back to a lot from what i see in our schedule. Personally, I learned a lot in this class. Almost all of it was new to me. This class was all about how the actors and the audience interact with each other. There’s the theatre in the round, which has the audience in a circle around the actors. This one is actually one of the most peculiar ones out of all, I think. First of all, actors have no backstage so they have to come through spaces left in the audience that are called “vomitoriums”. Then, audience can see each other, which is great as it might make laughter contagious and there is all sorts of emotional sharing between the audience. Moving on there’s thrust theatre which protrudes so that the audience can watch in a semi-circle around the stage but still the actors have a backstage just like proscenium arch theatre which is the most common type of theatre. I knew about this one before, didn’t know the name but I knew the stage type quite well. Then, there is traverse theatre which separates the crowd in two, bottom and upper. It’s an amazing type of theatre for gangs/teams/rivalries as it makes one side of the crowd feel like it’s against the other. The actors may come in from either side, the left or the right. In promenade theatre the actors must take the audience with them and must stay in character during the whole time. This one was the one that sounded the most exciting until I heard what came next! Immersive theatre. In which, as a member of the audience, you are given a role in the performance and perform it however you want to. The actors must adapt to how the person acts. This one seems to be like a lot of fun being part of the audience and being an actor where you must try not to laugh at how the other person is behaving. Obviously to these last two the members of the audience are signing a contract where they are acknowledging and accepting what they might do. If you are told to climb a ladder when part of promenade theatre, you must do it because you knew what you were getting into when signing the contract. We talked about this a bit and also learned where upstage, downstage, leftstage, rightstage and all the in-betweens are.

Self directed study

This turned out to be a great place to make some friends and practice what we have to do next. This time we practiced the song “Our House” and the act scene that we were given. There were a lot of people in the room so it was hard to practice the scene, but somehow we did it. One thing I really loved about this time that we had together was that when someone played the song “Our House” EVERYONE in the room started to sing it. It was really fun!


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