Day 2 (Tuesday 06/09/16)

Choir at E0.44 with Paul and Lynn

We started by warming up our voices by creaking and then raising our voice until we made a note and we played around with that for a while, raising and lowering our voice, followed by some more random noises to warm up. We then sang some more songs from which i remember my dog is a happy dog and Robin hood hood hood. And finally we started our main project, I assume: Ease on down the road. This one sounded a lot more professional. I learned that I’m either a tenor or a bass. I’m not quite sure which one I am but I’m starting off with Bass. At the end of the day, Tom Barber agreed to help me and Brayden understand better where we belong.

Directed study at E0.29B with Erica, Lynn and Helena

We all went into a computer room, which did not have enough computers for us all, and I tried to login… It didn’t work. And so I moved to the media room with some more people. We then tried to create our wordpress but the internet connection wasn’t collaborating either. I ended up being able to complete it but I still can’t login to the college’s computers, which kind of bums me out.

Self directed study at E0.50

At this point I was supposed to go to the library to research on parable, myth, legend and fairy tale but ended up just talking with friends at the computers because some of the computers didn’t work. We talked about how some of those stories were and gave some examples but then we dispersed into different topics (movies). I decided to research on that some other time where I can focus more.

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn

Ooh this class was fun! We got to do a fun game where Lynn split us in two groups, A and B. Each group was told what to listen to but didn’t know what the other group was to be paying attention to. She put us into pairs and we had to say our difficulties in one of our plays. I haven’t been in any so I just described the difficulties I had when doing some of my monologues. I was paired up with Will Rice. He had to watch my body language while I speak and the way he talked about me was “he kind of leans in forward and moves his hands around when he talks”. Now, this is interesting because my body language was compensating for the way he speaks, which is a bit quiet. I had to pay attention to his voice and to imitate him all I did was lower my volume, go for a slightly mild tone and fumble a bit on the words. Overall this class added observation to our skills. It was focused on our body language and how we speak, but mostly the latter. I say that because we learned these speaking variables which are: Pitch (high/low, tune); Volume (loud/quiet); tone (aggressive/mild); accent (Irish, Russian, Italian, etc…); articulation; tempo. We discussed on what forms are the best to listen and capture someone else’s accent and I learned where the alveolar ridge is located as well as how to do an alveolar “r”, which my colleagues struggle a bit with.


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