Day 3 (Wednesday 07/09/16)

Directed study at E0.29B with Lynn and Erica

Starting the day in a computer room seems ironic to me as my other option would have been to go to computer science. As usual, the college still doesn’t recognize my login and I am left with researching on my phone while other people create their wordpress. I started by researching on Legends and while doing that I was talking with Liam about what kind of theatre he had done. Promenade sounds very difficult from what he described!

Practical at E0.44 with Gary

Our one hour per week time with Gary, how lovely! He is a really inspirational person. As we sit in a circle Gary asks us how we feel when we are on stage. I could say that everything Gary says is something that you learn and can use to improve your future career. Some of the great things he said include: Being a performer is the best because it’s the only career where when you’ve done your job, you get applause. That’s true as he said, when you’re a cashier and you give the customer his receipt he doesn’t clap for you, that’s just weird. He also said that performers are the most passionate workers out of every career. Because they love their job and it’s not a job to them anymore, which becomes a problem because performers are so eager to perform that they’ll do it for free and that is the reason acting is not seen as a profession that would bring you money, because you’ll do it for free out of passion. You wouldn’t tell a chef to come cook to your party because he’ll get lots of exposure, you will have to pay him. Yet, for a musician that’s fine. So, as people kept saying what they felt like on stage Gary would just slap something inspirational after everything. When my turn came I said I had never been on stage but I imagine it feeling as if you’re the spotlight. You’ve got your time to shine, and it’s now. You better prove yourself. After all this we spent a few minutes watching Gary sit on a chair in silence. After we were done he asked us to tell him what was happening in that scene. On text it looks horribly boring but it was actually very interesting, how we shook here, shook there, touched his finger, crossed his legs, opened his legs, the feeling of nervousness, looking at the clock, looking at the door, fiddling with his ring, looking depressed, all of these put together make a very interesting scene. Some people guessed it was a date that didn’t show up, I guessed he was waiting for a nhs appointment or waiting for someone to call him that it was his turn to audition. Someone, something, but everyone got that he was waiting. In the end Gary was actually waiting for his wife in a hospital, that’s why he was fiddling with the ring. We learned that just sitting on a chair can already make so many different scenes. Our homework was to imagine a scene where we’re sitting on something and act it out on the next Wednesday, we were paired up and I’m paired with Liam.

Practical at E0.44 with Erica

This lesson was all about improvising, but it looked like just fun and games, and I loved every single bit of it… but mostly freeze and the game with the boss and his workers. Those are really fun, I guess I learned I actually really like improvisation.


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