Day 5 (Friday 09/09/16)

Employability at E0.51 with John Elliot

We start the end of the week with John Elliot and as he stated it was a bit more boring than everything else. All we did was fill in our IPL on the wsc website and John Hills asked some questions about my life situation and if there was anything he could do. I learned that John Hills will be mine, and everyone else’s personal support tutor.

Theater audition prep at E0.40 with Lynn, Hannah

I finally got to show my monologue! Me and everyone else who was in the room and still hadn’t done it, or wanted to repeat. Production arts people also did their mask presentation. It was actually quite interesting all those things about Aztec, the sun god. We were taught that you need to come prepared really well and that we should know our monologue perfectly. If we’re doubting ourselves by saying “oh, I don’t know maybe…” we should know it so well that we could rap it, is what i learned from that. I don’t think I can rap my monologue which is why I think I didn’t do my emotions as well as i wanted to do them and was kind of off in my mind a bit trying to think of what comes next and only about 50% concentrated on the actual acting. I think this monologue is going to stay with me for life though. I know it well enough and I’m going to record myself again in two weeks to see if I improved, got worse or didn’t change.

Self Study

For the self study time I decided to practice what Gary told us to do about sitting on a chair for a while, wrote a bit of my journal and later on at the end I decided I wanted to improve my singing but… our current options aren’t very wide so I had to practice alone. Although, good guy Tom has agreed to see me two in two weeks to see if I improve anything and we’ll record that as well.


Just a thing I was reminded of after college while on the bus with Brayden was when I realized Brayden had a good mickey mouse impression and I asked him why he didn’t do that voice when he was dressed up as mickey mouse. He replied with “because then I would break the character and kids would ask why my mouth is not moving while I’m talking. You have to always be in the kids heads” Which is such a great thing to remember. I love bus rides with Brayden though, all we do is practice accents and singing (and writing journal, but we’re pretty much doing that all the time). It’s great!


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