Day 6 (Monday 12/09/16)

First off we had a warm up. We stretched and relaxed. We had a special surprise coming after our warm up though. It’s the 48h challenge.


We went into the theater room and we all got placed into a team. Each team got a word assigned from the special words: optimism, curiosity, respect, self-control, confidence, ambition, resilience, ownership. We got the word respect.

As they start the timer, we have exactly 48 hours to complete the film. Pre-production, script writing, filming and editing, all from the word respect.

Meeting was in the bistro and we had some ideas and discussions until we then left off and had lunch. After that the crew went to do pre-production and the script while we just hung around for a bit until we then decided we had nothing to do and just went to be with the crew until about 3 pm.


I am very excited for this project because it just sounds really fun and because I also really like my character. Aiming for that best actor award. It’s also worth mentioning that Brayden was kind enough to tell the staff about how I deserve all of the items, but ambition is what we settled for and I got the wings of ambition!!

Even though we didn’t have class today I did get my diagram printed out and I also did research about which letters we pronounce how.


p,b,m – with lips: labial

f, v – with lips and teeth: labiodental

t, d, n, r, l – alveolar ridge: alveolar

j – palate: palatal

k, g – velum: velar

h – glottis: glottal



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