Day 7 (Tuesday 13/09/16)

This day was our shooting day for the 48h film. We met at the bistro and moved to Ellis’s house to shoot all of the scenes. I thought the shooting was really fun and this is definitely what I want to do in the future. It was all fun and looked professional, especially on the parts where we had to repeat a lot of scenes and repeat lines. I wish I had learned my big line a bit better to be able to repeat it exactly the same all the time, next time I will prepare more.

As we finished with the outside scene it was a wrap and we then went to lunch and back to college.

SEASON in E0.44 with Lynn

I learned a lot more about how to tell stories and what is crucial to them. Only some parts in a story are very crucial to tell and you can change the rest of the story to however you want it to be. The story could originally be placed in a farm and you can change it to be in space. There are some elements that make a story much more interesting and once you figure those out you can make any story interesting.

Unfortunately I can’t remember all of these elements but the ones that I do are these:

  • Repetition
  • The rule of 3
  • Audience interaction
  • Funny voices
  • Call back


We had AMADO auditions which I think went quite bad for me and I am for sure not getting in but it was just another interesting song that we sang and it was fun. I practiced some tenor singing and that’s what my goal was for this audition.


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