Day 8 (Wednesday 14/09/16)

Directed study at E0.29B with Lynn and Erica

I was finally able to login to the computer!!!!! I’m so happy. Now if only I could login to the wifi.

I learned how to organize my entire wordpress and it is now nearly perfect. I have journal up to date, in fact I am writing this still in the same class. I try to write things as soon as possible because I tend to forget things and this is the way I found that helps me remember what happened during the day what I learned, etc. I either take notes in my notebook or write in the journal as soon as possible.

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

Second Wednesday with Gary! First off we had a little review of what we did last lesson, which should have been on our journal. I completely agree with Gary when he says we should always keep up with the work because if we fall behind we will start to get stressed out. That and we will also forget most of it. The sooner we get to it, the better.

We finally presented our chair act. I thought everyone was quite good but Ryan really stood out because his imitation of a football enthusiast was spot on. The fact that he was looking slightly down was also a great addition which gave a feeling that he was much higher up on the stadium. He gave a clear showing of what was happening in the match. We knew when it was the other team that scored – and when it was the team he was rooting for.

As for my partner, Liam, I think that he did well; it was believable that he was at a cemetery. A bit confusing at parts, not exactly clear as to what he was doing with his hands at some points. I also thought that he could have done a bit more sad face and move less with his mouth and his face in general.

Last but not least, me. I did alright. I really liked my idea, it was in a completely different environment from everybody else. The execution needed a bit more practice, I improvised half of it. The cigarette bit, which everyone thought was a joint because of how long I took smoking it, was thought of right before my turn. I had also thought of doing a part where I took out water from inside the boat but then I hadn’t really planned where I took my cigarette from and it ended up being under the seat… so if there’s water in that then the cigarette is wet and I’d have trouble lighting, etc… I ended up trying to put my legs on top of the boat but there was nothing to hold my legs so I just failed completely.

Finally Gary gave us one more task for the week. Paired up again, except this time we have to memorize a script given to us and create the ending to the script. We must know it by next Wednesday.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica

This lecture with Erica seems to me like just games, in fact every lesson ever with Erica looks like it’s just having fun with games. We started doing a game where we had to all touch everyone else and move from one side of the room to the other. My group failed as some of us didn’t touch others. Then we had to get from one side to the other side while all moving according to a leader. Then same thing except with two leaders. It’s much harder to actually think up of ways to make it not obvious who is leading. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve done in college until now. A circle is great because then you can blink and lead fairly easily.

Then Erica gave each of us a prop and some of us an extra prop and we had to divise our own game. This is a word that I already knew but it was expanded on a bit, the word “divise”. Our group got given the hat and pack of cards. What we divised was the game of card and hat. Essentially you have to throw the hat on top of a person’s head, but from how far, by steps, and how many tries you have is decided by the cards that you draw. There were 4 groups and everyone had divised a new game. All of the games were fun but the most fun was either ours or the one with the catching and dodging of the balls.


We had improv with Erica and it was really fun! I learned the alphabet game in which you are given a scenario and you have to say phrases in a pair and go through the whole alphabet. We started with one of my favourites: freeze. I learned what is crucial to creating standup material. One of the things you can do to create that is just think of things everyone hates and then make a joke about that. Or something relatable, like bad christmas presents. I always get socks from grandma.



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