Day 9 (Thursday 15/09/16)

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn

We reviewed the stories that Lynn had told us to research. One of these stories is going to be the one we do our street play on. I had researched about the frog race which i think would be fun to act out and can be acted with little to no words and a reasonable budget for props. But then again the story that Ines told us is also really great and i think it’s even better than mine to act out. There is just a lot of different things to do. I wish I would have noted down where i got my frog race from, because now i don’t have the source and had to search for a variation of the story that i originally read:

I really liked Lynn’s urban myth which i learned that they are all modern and “true”.

I learned the 7 types of story today which are these:capture

We played a game where we had to imagine that we are working on something and then someone rings the doorbell. We had to decide whether we’re happy that that person is there or not. I thought about a real life situation that could really happen back in Terceira which means I don’t really care about the door and I don’t have to open it.

Then we learned the questions that you should ask yourself in order to act, they are:

  • Who am I? – Character
  • What time is it? – Century/Season/Day
  • Where am I? – House/Space/Underground
  • What surrounds me? – Students/Cobwebs
  • What are the circumstances? – Past/Present/Future/Events
  • What are my relationships?
  • What do I want?
  • What’s in my way?
  • What do I do to get it?

I think these questions are great and I will use them for whenever I need to get into character. Had I known these before the 48 hour film I might have acted better, even though I can answer these questions fairly easily anyway without much trouble.

Self Directed Study

On this time me and Ryan worked on our script for Wednesday with Gary, we have developed the best idea ever. We also sang Disney songs.


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