Day 10 (Friday 16/09/16)

Employability at E0.51 with John Elliot

We learned something very boring but quite important in employability today which is how to reference things with the Harvard referencing guide. Any research done that needs a reference, I now know how to reference: books, movies and websites.

Theater Audition Prep at E0.40 with Lynn and Hannah

Everyone was given a card from a deck of cards and had to act out their number. If they had a 2 they would have to act very shy and scared and low class, if they had a king they would have to act as though they’re above everything else. I got a 2 of hearts and it was very easy to find the people who also got low cards when the lecturers told us to group up with our own kind.

Afterwards we had to walk in, say our name and answer a question. I think I should’ve walked in as a king when i had the chance and not when they said “now walk in as a 2” because then I did what i had done before.

Lastly, we were trying to walk as neutrally as possible and then stand and look at everyone as neutrally as we could but there was always something we did that wasn’t as neutral. There were people who did it really well, I wasn’t one of them. I’m going to focus on trying to have my posture as neutral and correct as possible, just like I have for a long time but it’s very hard.

Self Directed Study

Me and Ryan went to the library to develop the story and finish the script to “The Scene With no Name” we spent a long time developing a big plot line that doesn’t even make it to the script but it was really fun to do this bit of script writing and plot developing. I think we will have a very exciting, funny and depressing dialogue.


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