Day 12 (Tuesday 20/09/16)


Starting off the day with choir, we sang Ease on Down The Road and practiced it quite a bit. Last time I was a bass, this time i chose to be a tenor, and I think I can do both, bass is easier but I think I can project my voice louder as a tenor. So that’s what I will be practicing as.

We then moved into the dance room and with Hannah we talked about the do’s and don’ts of presentations.img_20160920_115526465

Quite clearly there are a lot of them. I will try to comply with all of those but surely there is something that I will mess up out of habit. Personally I think that the most important bit of presentations is to not have a lot of text for people to read. All you need is a title and some subtitles just so that people know what you’re talking about, you should know everything in your head.

We were then given time to research. Even though we did find a lot of related info, we did not find many salient bits. There wasn’t anything particularly interesting that would make people go “wow!” so we decided that we should research another day because we ran out of time. We also started to develop how our power point will look like and at the end Molly joined us and researched some interesting facts about funding.

Finally we listened to Paul Schofield, a music director, talk about how he made it into the industry and what he has been doing. Paul wrote for and performed in cruise ships. They would have a lot of people guaranteed to come and so the show would have to be put on well. He was given the task of creating something that would entertain the people. something that is about 50 minutes long and that can be performed on a ship. So, he gave us the same task and we had to come up with an idea for a musical that the director would definitely like. We came up with a man who loved to play the saxophone since he was a kid. His mother was against it and told him to get a real job, while his father was supportive of the idea but he left home because he couldn’t bare his mom. He quits the saxophone and becomes a butcher for nearly 40 years. After all this time he decides to pickup the saxophone again and play one last song. Something that he would create. He then dies in a horrible car accident. After his death the song he wrote becomes one of the most famous songs in the world.


Some problems that were mentioned for ours were: How will we know when it’s a time skip? And the person can’t be completely different can they? We would also not be using many actors or dancers. I think what could be done is the main character would put on a grey haired wig to go from youngish to old and to go from teenager to young adult we could either have a smaller person star before or we could portray the feeling with lights and clothing. As for that we won’t be using all of them, well, we can always use them either for the next one or as some really minor part like butcher’s co-worker.




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