Day 14 (Thursday 22/09/16)


Starting the day off in the theatre we met Gem Skii, the director a touring company called Conscious Theatre, alongside her her technician: Lauren. In very quick games, about a minute or two long, we discussed some stuff we had already talked about before. But firstly in little groups we talked about why we are doing this. Some great answer came about which I could relate to a lot. For example: We do it for the love, we do it to please other people, we do it because it’s fun. Had I spoken I would’ve probably said “I do it because it’s what I think I can do best”. Seconds later we had to come up with a budget for a show that was travelling for 2 months. We came up with some ideas but when discussing they were quickly said, I think we could have thought a little harder and thought a little more outside the box. For the budget you need to account for the following things:

  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Venue Booking
  • Sets, props, costume/technical equipment
  • Talent – actors, MD, techies, musicians, sound and lighting directors, etc
  • Rehearsal space
  • Marketing
  • Food

So that’s a lot of things to account for, and it might not even be all of them. Now, depending on the size of everything you might pay a lot less for talent which in turn you’ll pay less for everything else but the bigger the show the more you have to pay for each thing.

We then quickly had to discuss how to get the money for all this. Because you can only get ticket money after you’ve done the show and you can only do the show if you have money to do it. So it is a dilemma but there are ways:

  • Sponsorship (Brand)
  • Grants – arts council, lottery
  • Alumni
  • Outside shows
  • Busking
  • Crowd funding
  • Patronage
  • Event
  • Social media

If you eventually start getting money from all of these then you are alright in terms of money to put on a good show that will earn you some cash.

And here are the Golden Rules of small scale touring

  1. Do it for the love
  2. No half measures
  3. USP – Diversify
  4. Bullet points for funding applications
  5. Don’t be deluded, only 1% get somewhere
  6. Prepare for sacrifice: Judge your success by what you had to give up
  7. Wear many hats, spin many plates
  8. Plates shatter, learn from it
  9. Always strive and improve
  10. Patrons, work your network
  11. Believe in yourself
  12. Be brave!

Overall, this whole session with Gem was so much learning and so much fun later on in the night when we saw Joan, Babs and Sheila too performed by her. I was reminded of a lot of things that are important and I got slightly depressed but then inspired by the “Don’t be deluded, only 1% make it”. This just means i have to strive harder to be in that 1%.

Meeting with Lynn in the dance room we talked about everything that we can do alongside acting. As acting is a freelance job most of the time you must do something alongside it or else you will starve and live in the streets… unless you’re Brad Pitt. Some great job opportunities were mentioned, and I am planning to hopefully get a job as soon as possible while in college to help me pay my things because the bursary is taking quite long. Personally out of all those jobs that were mentioned, I am most probably going to end up doing either agency work, working at some place like Starbucks or McDonald’s or, my very dangerous option, which is the triple freelance danger. I will be a freelance actor, a freelance masseuse and a freelance IT. Which is the equivalent of going all in before river on poker.

We listened to voice reels by Amy Pemberton and Richard Ridings. Amy’s voice reel had videos in it and we could see that she has done voice acting for all kinds of things, from commercials to video games. Richard’s voice reel was just him saying some things and doing slight variations of his voice. After watching those we had to create our own commercial for whichever product we chose to advertise and use our voice acting skills. We did an advertisement for toothpaste, more specifically for toothpro extreme ultra maximus, which is specifically designed to reduce gum and teeth pain. I voice acted the doctor with a kind of soothing low voice. I think I could’ve done my voice a lot better, it was alright but if we had a few more minutes I think I could’ve landed a nicer and more soothing low voice than the one that was played. If we had found a quiet and non-echo place sooner would’ve also made our work better. As someone who is interested in voice acting as a career option this was nice because I didn’t really know we had to do a voice reel. And just as an opinion on voice reels, I think they should be just your voice and no video, because the video distracts you from listening to what the actual voice is… but then again a video along with it gives a more specific example of what you could do.


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