Day 15 (Friday 23/09/16)


We had a normal session of employability where we elected a student representative (Thalia). Then we did a survey on how we get to college and what other options are available for us and which ones we would be willing to take. Finally we wrote out our normal weekly schedule on excel and were told to put in some more time in for homework during the working week days. Unfortunately my schedule is already stacked, as most other people in my course because we go to college 5 days a week.img_20160923_101010603

Afterwards it was audition prep and we did the one thing I am really bad at. Dancing. We were taught a choreography and had to dance it out in groups. I am really bad at dancing firstly because I forget what the moves of the choreography were and second because I can’t move my body in a natural flow. So i won a point for being so bad that it actually looked like comedy. I was trying, but it was comedy. Unfortunately this is my extent of dancing. I wish I could dance and I want to learn how to dance. I could go to street dancing an every other dance session that is offered as season time with Helena, but I really want to do stand up comedy and improvisation. That is something I like and I’m very conflicted between: Should I go to something I like and improve on that or should I go to something I don’t really like but improve on it because I am so bad at it? Currently my decision is to go to do what I like, because that is literally why I chose this course.

Birgitta Kenyon came to talk about herself and her career of being a cabaret artist. At first she really wanted to be one of those people who play the piano on stage and that is all. So she studied how to play the piano. But eventually she ended up doing a lot more. She had regular term choir, and she taught people how to sing; she writes songs and musicals; she was a musical director for a pantomime; she does funeral and wedding singing for people she never met; she writes songs for prisoners as therapy and currently she’s a cabaret artist who’s persona’s name is Fred. So she has done a lot in terms of anything that is related to music but she’s also an actress. When she left college she knew less about the world than us. When she left college she knew nothing about tax, nothing about business in general. But she made it to where she is now and all of that without ever having an agent. She went looking for things herself, she did all of her research and she made it to where she is now by being motivated. There was a point in her life where she did lose her motivation and was about to give up but then she regained it by realising she could do what she wanted after her divorce. She started a choir with some people and she did not get paid but along the years everyone grew and now it is an actual great choir and they do get paid. Currently she’s mainly a cabaret artist but she does everything else as well because she can’t stay doing one thing for too long or she will get bored. First off cabaret shows usually have a master of ceremonies who is the host of the show. Cabaret artist seems like something I could be aswell. It sounds almost as if you’re a stand up comedian. In cabaret shows you find your own persona and create your own show. It is really what you make it to be. And the most fun part is that you get to interact with your audience, so it is really quite a bit of improvisation as well because it depends on what your audience would end up doing. Her advice to us for when we’re looking for things to be in is to use facebook. Facebook is one of the greatest tools of the recent generation according to her because we just need to be in people’s minds and they will remember us when they’re looking for people to hire. We just need to like things, comment and join groups. As long as we’re making ourselves seen we have a lot more chances. And anyone who plays an instrument is ahead of everyone else in the game because an instrument is such a useful tool to get yourself a job, as many others have already said.

I think what Birgitta does sounds like a lot of fun, but I still would probably go for being a stand up comedian instead because I don’t necessarily need a persona, I can just be myself and tell jokes, while being a cabaret artist you’re not really there just to tell jokes. I also plan to learn how to play the guitar, as per her recommendation, once i actually have the time and money to get a guitar and guitar lessons.

Hannah was a model and she told us that she luckily had teachers who supported her decision of staying off from school for a while to do modelling. She did modelling around the ages of 14-19. She has been on quite a few magazines and some even as the front cover. It’s all impressive, but it’s even more impressive when you know that she had to get rejected tons of times before she could get accepted. And when pictures of the shoot were lying around you have to take them and use them for your portfolio. The more you do, the more you’re recognized and those pictures are free high quality pictures that were probably not all going to get used. From what she said anyone could be a model. There is even a special modelling group you can apply to where it’s for people who have weird or peculiar faces. Sometimes you just need a regular not too good looking bloke to model. And sometimes it’s not even about your looks but about how your hands look, or how your feet look. There is so much to model for and you don’t need to be gorgeous to do it.

Later at the end of the day we finally did our group presentations about the things Lynn told us to research about. First group presented The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I thought this was the best group presentation not including ours in the list. I could gather more information about it than any other, either because some other groups were speaking too fast or because their powerpoint didn’t have enough information or because they didn’t even have a powerpoint presentation or because it was uninteresting and had too much irrelevant information. But this one I think was pretty good as i gathered that this is a performing festival for anyone if you register for it. It was founded in 1947 and got bigger and bigger starting off with 200 performances and last year having done 50 000. Then there was The National Theatre and they said we didn’t have to take notes if I recall correctly but I never got anything to replace that. Thankfully I took slight notes and know that the current artistic director is Rufus Norris and that The National Theatre has 3 separate auditoriums. Olivier, Lyttelton and Dorfman Theatre in order of largest to smallest. Then Perfect Pitch was presented. It is non-profit theatre company made of amateurs. They have had productions all over the world including but not limited to: Mexico, California, Korea. Afterwards there was a presentation of Actor Musicianship. Firstly they said that those people are all one step ahead of normal actors. Famous people who are actor musicians were mentioned and talked about. Some extremely famous people are actor musicians like Johnny Depp and William Shakespeare. I wasn’t able to understand what this group before ours was talking about at all. I couldn’t even catch what the their theme was. I could have paid more attention, but it was hard to concentrate because they didn’t seem interested at all when talking. Finally it was our group presenting. We presented the Pulse Festival Ipswich. As all of the information is in the following video I find it irrelevant to tell what we talked about as you can just watch the video:

But to summarize:

  • 10 days of contemporary theatre which attracts people mainly from suffolk.
  • It has been around for 16 years
  • Focused for regional talent
  • 2 key development initiatives: Scratch Day and Suitcase Prize
  • Partners with China Plate, Gecko, Dance East, Eastern Angles
  • Family friendly
  • Has great bundle prices
  • Has had over 600 shows
  • Wolsey is to receive £2.5m over 2015-2018 which supports Pulse Festival

I think I could’ve spent a little more time remembering what I was talking about as i stumbled upon myself a bit and didn’t really know the names immediately. And also we had something in our slides that was my part to say but it wasn’t in for me to study it so I got quite shocked at the moment when I saw it in the slide.



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