Day 17 (Tuesday 27/09/16)

Today’s choir was conducted by Birgitta Kenyon! I have no knowledge of musical notes and Birgitta did what Paul did not which is explain what the musical notes mean. I learned 3 of them. Flat note which lowers the pitch; A note similar to a 7 which means you pause and clap; and I learned how it looks when a note fades out.

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn

Commission work

First we played a game of observation. It was a game similar to “Anyone who has…” except you had to make eye contact with someone else who was sitting and you had to change places. The person who was in the middle had to take the seat of any person who stood up to change places. I thought this game was really fun, but unfortunately I didn’t get to be the person in the middle.

Afterwards we read through the script of our other story, which we were the ones who picked “The Magic Paintbrush”.

It has two versions, but version 2 was very much the favorite after some discussing about which one could be played out more dramatically. Version 2 was overall better except for one bit at the end where everyone liked that a wave would destroy the ship, instead of a typhoon. But you can also have both, so that it looks even more impressive. I participated in this discussion a bit, because I actually had an opinion that would differ from people. I wouldn’t really say much if I knew that it had already been said or had nothing to add or contradict anything. Main discussion points were: how he gets the brush; what the poor people asked for; who should the bad person, who wants the brush, be; how the baddie is punished at the end. We then were put together into groups and had to reenact the scenes that were given to us. After a while of planning and organizing, first group showed reenacted that Ma Liang went to sleep and in his sleep he helped poor people by drawing things they needed with a magic brush that an old man had given him. When he woke up, he still had the brush in his hand. And so me and my group reenacted him helping the poor in various different ways. A person who is cold, and he draws a coat; a person who is ill, and he draws medicine and gives them a spoonful; a person who is thirsty, and a bottle of water is refilled with water; a person is an old man struggling to walk, and a cane is drawn and given to him. We also had the ideas of a person being hungry and being given food and a person who is sleeping in the streets who would like a bed or a pillow, but they were dismissed as the previous four were good enough. Finally the end scene was acted out and the emperor had ordered Ma Liang to draw him riches. Ma Liang drew treasures somewhere where the emperor would have to take a boat to. When he did a typhoon and waves crushed him and he was never to be seen again. Now I think that all of these are spot on and not much could be changed to improve it. Except actual props and at the end, on emperor’s part maybe clarify some bits or make it slower because it happens a bit too fast. A prison would be a good solution to not make it go from “draw me treasure!” to “I’m dead!” in 10 seconds.

Video below shows our magic paintbrush act:


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