Day 18 (Wednesday 28/09/16)

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

Scene with no name

In this lecture we acted out our “Scene with no name” script. First group was Thalia and Liam. Their story was about how they were dating but Liam got really drunk, I assume. I think this was also the best group to perform. It felt like they knew exactly what they were doing and that they knew their lines really well but Thalia actually had only learned her lines the day before. The “sorry” that she said was such a great little thing which showed clearly that they were in public or that they had people around them. Unfortunately Liam made eye contact with Gary to seek for approval, maybe? And that is something we have to look out for. We should aim to be confident and just do our thing on stage, and only look for approval after we’re done. Next up was Justin and Will. Their story immediately looked like a relationship which turned into a maybe just mates? Indeed it was just mates. A mate who was upset about his friend’s smoking and gambling and all other sorts of addictions. While acting Justin kept fidgeting with his hands and that is something to be careful about. Your ticks. I want to know what my tick is now so that I can fix it as soon as possible. Me and Ryan went next and we got some great criticism and advice about our boss and worker sex scandal. First off we should have ended it before “it was a prank bro” because we built up all that tension and then just made it into a joke and then tried to raise it up again, so that was weird. At the start it looked like we were pupil and teacher instead of boss and worker, I wonder if speaking with a more “I’m busy, I have stuff to do” voice would make me sound more like a boss. But then again the two people who were speaking are long time friends so I wouldn’t do an intimidating voice to my friend. All actors want to know what they’re doing, as Gary said. Until we’ve read through all of the script we’d always be a bit shy and unsure, but that’s what we have improvisation lessons for. Anyway Gary wanted to make a point (and he said this) that if you want to relax on stage, you need to know your lines perfectly. So you need to rehearse and rehearse until you can do other things while saying your lines with ease. This tells me that I was too nervous looking, and I was. I stumbled and forgot my lines because I hadn’t practiced enough. I’m hoping to rehearse more for when we’re given 2 pages of script to remember in 2 weeks. Afterwards it was Mia’s and Eren’s group. It was a quite a sweet story of how the boyfriend finally thinks the only solution is for them to move on but Mia then confesses she had loved him all this time. The most important bit to take out of their acting (which was good but it didn’t look as great as Thalia’s) is that your hair gets in the way and your eyes and eyebrows are a very important tool for acting, so don’t have your hair cover your eyes. Up next was Jess and Ines. They went quite literally on the script, they acted a tennis match. Again, the ticks come up and it’s great to be able to find out ticks about others and remind them about them so they can improve but I wish my tick was noted when I was acting. Finally, Sabrina and Tom acted a betrayal that happened outside. Tom betrayed Sabrina and is acting like nothing happened. Unfortunately this performance got interrupted several times due to lack of script knowledge and lack of rehearsing. Tom had some family problems or something? Who knows, but Gary’s point of leaving your problems outside of the acting world is true. If you’re an actor, you need to fake that everything is alright, you need to fake that you’re happy, or sad, or angry. You need to fake it with realism.

So, as mentioned my favorite was the one performed by Thalia and Liam, but if we’re including ourselves I liked ours the most.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica


Today with Erica we started by talking about what is the stereotype for our name. My name is unknown and what people thought of it was that it sounded like I was high class. Karolis, someone who is of a high status.

Then we made up a drink in pairs and had to name it and tell what its ingredients were. Mine and Thalia’s was called the Perfita and it had baileys, hot chocolate, cookies and cinnamon. Perfita, which stands for perfect. I thought this was a great devising game, but I don’t have much knowledge about drinks so I don’t really know what could go well… and any idea I would have would probably be unrealistic and sound awful. So, I let Thalia decide on the content and I suggested the name.

But, mainly we spent the biggest portion of the class devising and acting a story for something that was randomly selected for us from a little book. We got a spy who is going to impersonate someone. The first 5 minutes we just went through what the story should be and only then did we start thinking of how are we going to present this. We altered the story after starting to act out the scenes, too. And we didn’t really have any placed speeches we just had a general idea of what we would say and we would improvise the rest. I felt like I was the one who was contributing most to the story and devising everything and I felt kind of bad for saying everything as if I was ordering them around, but I did discover I’m an alright leader. After it all came together it looked like this:

I thought I could’ve done a lot better. I just forgot a lot of what we were supposed to say, and Mia said things that I was supposed to say so it rattled me up a bit.

There were 3 other groups: The one that reenacted haircuts; the one where they were acting as robots in a cloud commercial; and my favorite of the three, the astronauts and their alien encounter.

At the end of the session we played “anyone who…” which I think is a fun game if some people actually tried to get into the next chair. But since some people just walk and even give up seats it becomes stale and boring because it’s the always the same people in the middle. I’ve even managed to walk to another seat really slowly and I still got it.


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