Day 20 (Friday 30/09/16)


We learned a bit more about how to correctly go to a job interview and how to write our CV.

Audition Preparation

I’ve learned a lot of this stuff already from sessions with Gary on Wednesday’s. But the more it is said the more important it is and the way you walk into your audition is the first challenge. You must enter like a king, confident and prepared. Before starting your monologue you should take a moment, either by taking a deep breath or by turning your back or by some other way but you need to make them know when you’ve switched characters. If you have any pauses in your monologue make sure that they know it’s a pause and don’t confuse it for your ending. If they do, then that means you’re not acting well enough. Your monologue ending should also be a clear moment of you ending it and don’t apologize for anything, because you gave nothing to apologize for, just thank them. Then we talked about what type of characters we could play. I would play an evil kind of character, so I need to find a suitable monologue for that. Next Shakespeare that I plan to read is going to be Othello, because it has a character (Iago) that I was told I could do well. Several playwright’s were suggested: Duncan Macmillan, Simon Stephens, Laura Wade and April De Angelis. “Monologue’s for Men” by was mentioned again and I will have to check that book out because it sounds like it’d be very useful. The only thing that Lynn said was not to do a monologue from Blood Brothers, Teachers, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I will research on those playwrights and see which monologues from them I like best.


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