Day 21 (Monday 03/10/16)

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn


We spoke about what we should do in our task 2 of commission work. Task 2 is more of a form task while task 1 is a content one. The globe is the most known thrust stage in the world, and that might be worth mentioning. I should also include a diagram of each stage configuration and an image of a theatre that has that configuration. Previously I was only going to describe it. Lynn helped us quite a bit with all of the things we should speak about in task 2 but she also introduced what we should do in task 3, which is a bit of content and a bit of form. What the purpose of the story is, and why does it work. This makes me feel even more stressed because I have only done task 1 and task 3 is already being introduced. I hope I can get task 2 done before this Wednesday.

How would our commission performance attract people? We have to make it right for the audience but since we don’t know what our audience will be we have to make it for the lowest age possible. What makes people think that a play is amazing is usually the things that can captivate them the most. Lighting, sound and effects are crucial in having an interested audience. Good space usage, movement and audience interaction also allows for a more interested audience. Audience knowledge defines their reactions, if a professional dancer went to see a perfectly acted but poorly danced musical, the professional would have a hard time coping with how bad the dancing is to appreciate the acting. Our audience are kids and that can either be very good because kids are easy to entertain but it could be bad because kids lose interest quickly and are very harsh critics. So we would have to keep our show consistently interesting.

I found out today I’d be playing the child #2 in “The table, donkey and the cudgel” story. So I will be a proud owner of a donkey that can poo pennies! I wish I could’ve been more but I guess that’s good enough because I am also part of a lot of things in “The magic paintbrush” too. No main roles, but I’m part of the population and environment structuring.

We created and rehearsed how our story would play out. We’ve currently got us working in the rice fields, which Liam and Eren have to research on how people work rice fields. Tom has to research the song we will be singing while working. After working the rice fields, Thalia asks Ryan (Ma Liang) to paint us something. Ryan starts painting and we try to guess what it is. First guess is “It’s a bridge!” unless we changed it, I got slightly confused at the end and I’m not sure what someone is supposed to say it is because we changed how we draw the flower. Second guess was “It’s a smile!” we also have to react to people’s suggestions with either a “yeah!” or “no!”. Then, Ryan asks the audience if they know what it is and they should answer that it is a flower. If they don’t we either help them or answer it ourselves. Afterwards we go out and Ryan goes through his path home. I am a part of a bridge and also a tree on his way home. When he gets home I have to hold him with Sabrina and Tom while he trust falls on us, pretending we’re the bed. I thought it’d be harder but with their help we can hold Ryan for quite long I think, even though we don’t really need to because in a bit Ines comes through cloths and in Ryan’s dream she gives him a magic paintbrush. When Ryan wakes up he heads back to work and after another day of rice field working Thalia asks him to paint something for us again. He does and this time it comes to life! I have the role of “filling up” (we’re just going to switch bottles) a water bottle from the river which he painted. And that is as far as we got into the story but I think we’re doing pretty well and it’s coming along nicely. I just need to practice more on my entrances and when I leave the stage. I should do either a spin or come in with an upwards flow.

At the end of the lecture we just reviewed what props we would be needing for the performance. The props we currently decided we will need are: 2x paintbrush, couple of buckets/bowls, flippy board, 2x water bottle, cloth for effects, a piece of tissue, butterfly on a pole. We should also try finding some brown and/or grey clothes.

We decided not to work on voice today, and work on commission more for now.

Here are 2 videos that were filmed during this lesson:



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