Day 22 (Tuesday 04/10/16)

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn

Commission work

The way we transition into being trees, a bed or a bridge is not fluent enough. We are just walking in and walking out. So to fix that, Lynn decided we should do an exercise to loosen our body and get us looking more magical by smoothing out our entrances and exits. First we started by just stretching our arms as much forward, left, right, up as possible. Then, we started to push the air with our hands. Our hands were the force and the resistance, under strain pushing out through the thick air. After getting the hang of pushing air we then devised a 4 or 5 move sequence that we could recreate and showed it to the class in groups of 3 or 4. After we got into pairs and worked out a sequence together. I paired up with Thalia and we developed a sequence of using our bodies to demonstrate the pushing of air and we were both pushing the same air in a lot of moments. Here is a video demonstrating it:

Afterwards we rehearsed our magic paintbrush performance. This time we were able to establish what each of us would do up until the workers leave after Ma Liang  has drawn them rice to life. This time we went into some more detail, as well, on how we would do each part. We also had slightly more difficulties due to not having 2 members of our group with us. In the end the exercise we did before, I think helped us to get more into the fluidity mood. Becoming a bridge, a bed and trees was suddenly much more magical. At the end of rehearsing, Lynn gave us solid feedback on how our practice is going. We all thought it was going quite alright considering it’s our second day. We all just need to remember that no idea is wasted and to not be upset if our ideas are rejected when we suggest something for the performance. If an idea is not good, as a director you should respond in director’s language, in other words: always positive but also suggestive of a better idea. Our transitions are all getting much better, as I said I think that exercise helped us a lot. The way we react to everything needs to be more decisive and big, we can’t just mumble it because people won’t hear us. However we must also watch out for our language and not turn it to slang, instead we should keep it formal as it is in stories. Finally we should only move when our character moves and not fiddle around the place if that’s not what our character is doing. And to help on that we should know what happens next, not in terms of story, but in terms of what you need to do to make things right. For example I need to go get my water bottle before my work scene or else it won’t work.

I think we will be able to make a decent performance, some of us just need to work a bit more on our voice. And when we actually have the props everything will be much simpler to perform.


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