Day 23 (Wednesday 05/10/16)

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

Script work: High Fidelity

On this lesson with Gary we spoke about the thing actors spend the majority of their life on: The script. Sure, this is what all Gary’s lessons are about, but this time we went more specifically into a list of things that need to be done when we’re given a script for something. Our discussion about this topic could have lasted longer if we didn’t have to move on with our lesson. I couldn’t write down all of the things that were discussed because there were ideas after ideas and we had already written down a good enough portion of what is important. We should first of all read through the whole play’s script. Then find out who your character is and his relations to everyone. It’s the questions to ask yourself when you act, pretty much. When and where is everything located. Why is your character important? Who is your audience? Where and what are your lines? How important is your character? How much time do you have to rehearse? All of these are excellent things to consider when a script is given to you and you have to know it.

After this we were paired and given a script from a movie. I was paired with Sabrina and got a script from the movie High Fidelity. It’s not too long of a script, Sabrina loves it and I think it’s great. I think my character is a bit hard to understand on what he is feeling, but then again we only read through it a couple of times and had no time to think about our characters. After some read-throughs alone with our partner we read the script to the whole class. I think me and Sabrina were good. We obviously don’t know our characters that well, but we were starting to get the hang of it. By the end of all this, after the tips at the start of the class, after watching the movie, after rehearsing and practicing a lot, I think we will be just really, really good.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica


As we were assigned into groups we were given the task to personify the 5 vacuum cleaners as they appear below.img_20161005_134659873_hdr

We said they were a group of friends. Henry was the jolly kind of person; Hetty was the girly, sweet kind of person; James was the pothead; Charles was posh; and George was fat and trying to be funny.

Then we had to give personalities and human attributes to other different objects, not just vacuum cleaners.


We had to attribute a few adjectives, that could apply for a person too, to these objects. We had multiple and I wrote down as many as I could. Here is what we got:

Tin foil: crumples easily, versatile, malleable;

Sponge: clean, squishy, natural;

Mop: useful, soft, boring;

Makeup thing: fancy, covers things up, pretty;

Chilly: hot, spicy, fiery;

Grater: sharp, shiny, dangerous, two faced, durable.

After some discussion on what kind of people would these objects be we had to devise a scene in which some of these objects met. We were given 3 adjectives to describe the characters that we would be playing. We got: Tin foil as shiny, crumples easily and easy to manipulate and chilly as spicy, fiery and hot. I was tin foil, Sabrina was chilly (who was mexican but had an Italian accent) and Eren was the mop. In the video below you can see our attempt at a scene with these objects.


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