Day 25 (Friday 07/10/16)

Audition Preparation

We started with a game of ‘pass a look’, or at least that’s what I call it. We got into a circle and passed eye contact; we waited for the person from one of our sides to look at us and then looked at the other person next to us. This game varied to making sounds and even wizard gestures. I don’t know what the point of this game is but it’s nice. Seems like the kind of game used for ice breaking.

Then people went up to present their monologues. Only year 2’s went up, with the exception of Liam. Everyone was good and everyone got constructive criticism because it is never perfect for everyone. I currently don’t have a good monologue ready and I will only go up to present something in 2 weeks because I want to know my character, know everything about the scene and just make him myself before I show it to everyone.

Season Time

I finally learned the correct way to pronounce the ‘th’ in ‘through’ thanks to Lynn. Which is also the ‘th’ in ‘Thetford’ so on my walk home I practiced saying “Through the Thetford”. Even though ‘the’ is grammatically incorrect, it adds in the other type of ‘th’ sound to for variation and better articulation.


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