Day 26 (Monday 10/10/16)

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn


Lynn has found a chinese tune that we can sing to. The song is on a pentatonic scale so that’s why it sounds like a chinese tune. We had to make up some lyrics for it and what we currently have for the first verse is:

Working in the fields as the day goes round,
Gathering the rice that grows from the ground.

After having went through the whole thing once I realised I didn’t remember what I was supposed to do and much less what others would have to do at what point. My transition to tree and arc, which i’m supposed to do with Jess but she wasn’t in today, was poor. My transitions were poor and my acting was not on par because I didn’t really know my character to be honest. I wasn’t sure why he was there who he was or anything else. I just kind of imagined him as being so old that he could barely move, but my lack of character knowledge led me to move in certain ways that old men would not move. So quickly we thought about who our characters are. I got mine a bit more defined but I will answer the 9 questions to know my character:

  • Who am I? – 51 year old man who is skeptical of most things.
  • What time is it? – 20th century, autumn, morning through dusk.
  • Where am I? – Rice field, china.
  • What surrounds me? – Rice farmers, rice field
  • What are the circumstances? – Gathering rice, I’m working
  • What are my relationships? – Lonesome, don’t have friends because I’m a bit rude
  • What do I want? – food for the night and rest at the end of the day
  • What’s in my way? – rice field work
  • What do I do to get it? – rice field work

After having practiced this and a few things were said, two of them stayed with me this time and I will try to have them at the back of my head next time we practice. We have to speak loudly so that people near Greggs can also hear us. If we speak quietly people will also lose interest quicker. The second thing is that we don’t have a backstage and can’t get into the habit of thinking that we do. So what I will do is try to think of that and move to the sides, into the audience or if I’m up next on the part just move in to my next position.

Lynn also said that we have to do some health and safety work. I personally can’t think of anything dangerous. We mentioned some though: keep ourselves warm with clothes and having warm tea in a bottle to keep our voice protected too; have the pavement clear, because people need to go through; and the classic slip and trip because of rainy days and slippery floor. I will for sure bring in some warm tea which I didn’t think of doing before.

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn


I really loved how we started off with learning a bit about music. My interest for music has grown a lot since I joined this course and some of the things that Lynn said were just the things i needed to scratch my itch. Although I still would love to have personal singing lessons and personal guitar or piano lessons, I unfortunately don’t have the money for that. What we learned musically today was:

Pentatonic scale: 5 note scale played only on the black keys on a piano.
Octave: Sequence of 8 notes; 1 and 8 sound the same.
Interval: Gap between notes.
Perfect pitch: Being able to sing a given note without reference.
Concert pitch: How most western instruments are tuned.
Major chord: Notes 1,3 and 5 of a major scale.
Minor chord: Notes 1,5 and a flattened 3.
Flat: Lower than said note.
Sharp: Higher than said note.

Afterwards we played some games to test and practice our pitch. We said “more” going from the lowest note we could do to the highest and I think I could have went even lower and even higher had I tried it a few more times. We also learned how different an open throat voice is to a nasal voice. I find nasal voice a bit difficult to do because it suddenly becomes very hard to articulate words. Whenever we do an open throat voice we suddenly sound a lot more dimmer and so I kind of want to try sounding really smart while speaking with an open throat voice. Maybe explain maths to someone. After this and some more exercises of a dialogue with whatever voice we chose to do altering only in pitch and nasal/open throat we finally ended our class.


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