Day 27 (Tuesday 11/10/16)

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn

WordPress advice


As can be seen in the sheet of paper that Lynn gave us, those are the things we were making the most mistakes on and what should we do to prevent them. Personally I’m guilty of one of the things that was spoken about but isn’t written on the sheet which is writing in American English. Although I have been trying to write things in English I still struggle with some words that I don’t know which is the correct spelling. A word that has confused me recently is the word ‘color’ and ‘colour’. I have been writing ‘color’ all my life and now I must change it to ‘colour’ which is underlined in red so I know that’s the correct spelling for English. I was also cleared up on what language was actually spoken in the U.K. I would always say British English to refer to the language spoken/written in U.K. but apparently just English is enough because this is the original place of that language and every other English variation has it’s name altered to fit that country. It will take me a bit to get used to typing everything in English and to also learn how to speak RP. Currently I’m progressing on the ‘th’ sound in ‘Thetford’ or ‘third’. I also think that I should double check my work more carefully because I just read through it without thinking much and I should pretend to not know what I am talking about and see it from a reader’s point of view.

Commission work

We went through our Chinese song again a few times because Jess wasn’t here last time and she didn’t know the song. At home I have thought of what could the second verse potentially be:

Working rough and hard so we can eat
Once we get home we’ll go straight to sleep

Something along those lines would fit in nicely because mentioning that we go sleep once we’re home makes the next scene much more relevant. Afterwards we rehearsed the whole thing that we currently have blocked. I still need to work on my fluency transforming into trees, bed and arc. But on a positive note, I think I managed to coordinate myself well enough to introduce an actual water bottle into the scene. The spy and emperor parts were also devised and developed more thoroughly. We are currently at the point straight after capturing Ma Liang. The following video showcases some of the things we rehearsed during this time:



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