Day 28 (Wednesday 12/10/16)

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

Script work: High Fidelity

Gary gave us about 15 minutes to rehearse and go through our scene. Me and Sabrina had not rehearsed much at all before this class unfortunately and that made our performance much worse. We should have also researched more about the movie but we still got this next week to do that but I am hoping to have it all done by Monday. Gary’s advice for us, as always, was very useful. We have to know what is me and Sabrina’s relationship is exactly like. How long have we been together, how did we get together, what went wrong, why did we split up. and that kind of questions need to be answered for us to know how to act our characters well. We were also suggested to rehearse it seated because at the moment I am moving around without a purpose, I’m just moving because I feel like it and a person doesn’t normally do that. We need to make it truthful and it’s very hard to do that. It’s easy to say “make it truthful” but it’s not easy to do because you tend to act and you should just be your character.

I think the other groups that performed were better than us. Maybe because I didn’t see myself perform it with Sabrina, but the other’s seemed like they knew things better. Jess and Justin had a fabulous showing of their script. I think it was really amazing and the best one we saw that day. Gary recommended for Jess to sit down and play the scene like that but, personally, I preferred it when she was standing up because it just looked more like what would happen when there is a confusion. You don’t just casually sit down on your chair when you’re in trouble. But, Gary said to keep things natural, which maybe sitting down will maybe do it if they practice it like that. They were a couple which was having an argument about music records and how she had organised his records in an incorrect way. He was mad that she didn’t organise it correctly and she was mad because she has to go through a stupid procedure of organising things when she just wants to listen to music.

I think Mia and Liam’s performance was good and showed a lot of enthusiasm because their script was the biggest and they were nearly off book already but it started getting quite tedious after a while. They also had pointless walking just like me and I am going to fix that, I hope they do too. Mia was mad at Liam about how he never did anything fun with her and was very stuck up. I found their little ticks too! Liam still has his lip smacking and Mia tends to look into the nothingness while talking to Liam, which is really awkward.

Everyone recorded their performances but we forgot to record ours, unfortunately. For next time me and Sabrina will come much more prepared. We will both have seen the movie completely and we will be off book and start actually rehearsing and blocking. And we will not forget to record it.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica


Our inanimate object devising games continue. We then got split into 4 groups of 3. I was with Ines and Ryan. We had to choose which one of the following places we would like to develop on our inanimate object devising:

Arts and Crafts set
Cupboard under the sink
Sewing box
Crockery cupboard
Kitchen utensil pot
Laundry room
First aid kit
Fruit bowl

From these we chose the ‘cupboard under the sink’. Now that we all know how to devise a character from an inanimate object we asked ourselves what qualities would each item that we decide on have. But before that we picked to be Bleach (Ryan); cleaning powder (Ines) and me, an unwashed sock. The sock gets lost there while the people take the cleaning powder and then the powder comes back. It is all mostly filler and anything really can be said as long as you’re doing it as the character. We were improvising a lot during our performance but we managed to make it quite good I think. Other groups did the handbag which had a phone, keys and a condom in it. Thalia’s acting was really great in this one and I knew very well what she was, while the others i struggled a bit. The first aid kit had bandages, anti-bacterial wipes and a safety pin. I think this was the best one overall just because they portrayed their characters better than any other group. Fruit bowl had two bananas. One fresh and the other old and also a pair of keys. The fruit bowl had a very interesting story line that was developed the most out of all and had the most potential. They took a lot of advice that the class gave them and they made it funny.

Again, none of us three recorded because, again, we went first and only got reminded to record it when the second group came on.


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