Day 29 (Thursday 13/10/16)

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn

I got late to class unfortunately so the first thing I did with my course mates was singing ‘our poor bird’ and ‘hie we to the other side boys’. Then we played the pigeon game. Everyone was bad at making the person not get to their seat except when it was Thalia, the last person. We managed to keep her out of a seat.


As I have said in a previous blog I’ve created the two next verses for the Chinese song, I just thought it needed some polishing and that’s what we did today. People liked the idea that I had for the next verse and the whole song is now this:

Working in the fields as the day goes round
Gathering the rice that grows from the ground

Working rough and hard so that we can eat
Dreaming of the moment when we go to sleep

Or at least something along those lines. I think the second verse adds a lot more story by mentioning the dream and sleeping.

After this we decided we would block whatever is missing because on either Monday or Tuesday we will be presenting what we have so far to the dancers. We managed to finish blocking and then ran through the whole thing and recorded it. Here is how we have it currently:

Here are Lynn’s notes for this first run through:

  • Perhaps not all facing forwards in rice field for variety
  • How to fill the dead space after the first picture drawing (flower)
  • Ryan, don’t imply that you’re ‘waking’ when Ines appears in the dream
  • Perhaps point out the new brush the following day in the field somehow – to emphasise it
  • Rice people, share the guessing about the pictures with the audience
  • Ryan, in rehearsal, allow the proper time for the things to appear (so we don’t get used to it seeming like magic)
  • Eren, make the cackle louder and the slap to Ines more noticeable
  • Ryan, watch out for ‘sunink’ again!
  • I don’t think you need to say you’re drawing the hat stand. Just let’s see you have a good idea and draw it.
  • Justin, you could have saved the ‘Maybe the boy’ moment IN CHARACTER – or Eren, you could have said it!
  • I love the disappointed clown exit.
  • Ryan, you can’t say ‘thank God’ – make it ‘Thank Goodness’.

It is a 10 minute show, which is good, we don’t want it to be too long and get dull. It is all done. Now all we need is to get our props done which we will do next week or the week after our break. We will be bringing in green tops and brown bottoms in for Monday to get the picture to advertise what we have.

In this whole performance I am: A rice field worker, a tree, an arch, a bed, a clown and part of a money tree. My favorite role has got to be the clown because I just get in and jump around really funnily.


To finish our session we played hot seating. In this game we have to become our character and everyone else asks us questions which we have to answer as the character would. Jess stood out among everyone else as she was the hatstand but she had a whole plot which was either improvised or very well thought of. It was seriously good. I was also asked questions as part of the bed. Me, Sabrina and Tom were supposed to answer at the same time at all the questions. The questions weren’t easy questions and answering alone as the bed would be hard enough, on top of that we had to answer it together so it didn’t all come out exactly as planned. I think I should get together with Tom and Sabrina and just quickly in 5 minutes go through what we actually are as the bed. I will also go through the few questions as my other roles, mostly the rice field worker though because I actually have lines as that character.


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