Day 30 (Friday 14/10/16)

Audition Preparation


I am a bit disappointed in myself for not having a monologue that I can do yet. I had 3 monologues that I could do but none of them were appropriate for me. I still have one of those three that I want to research into and see if I can do it, not going to reveal it here for now but I plan to have 2 monologues ready for after midterms.

Mia went first to do her monologue and she was fabulous. It was about a kid who had an imaginary friend and she performed really well. This monologue really suits her, as everyone else said. However, and this was a recurring advice for all of us, try not to act things out at face value. So, try not to act the emotion that is expected from you but maybe go in a different route and see how it looks like. Leah showed us a monologue that she had just gotten the day before and as a first reading it was pretty good, especially since she wasn’t even off script. And this is also a very suitable monologue for Leah because it has a certain vulnerability to it, just like Leah. I hope my monologue suits me, but it should because Gary was the one who recommended it for me. Me and Sabrina decided to perform our movie scene from ‘High Fidelity’ and see what responses we got. People thought it was good but the constructive criticism we got was even better. I will definitely work on the things they told us, which were: speaking louder, because people in the back can’t really hear us, or rather me because I spoke in a very realistic movie like way; imagine the room and exactly how it is because currently we walk in and I walk out through different places; my head turning at some points in the scene was a bit controversial, some people liked it some didn’t and I think I should look into what my character really wants to do at that point; finally, how we sit is affecting our performance because we’re sitting as if we’re on a train and we want to look like we’re sitting on a sofa. All of this advice was amazing and I’m glad Sabrina suggested for us to perform this. Liam told us his monologue that he had done the week before, too. This time it was much much better though. No more lip smacking, off script and the acting was consistently good. In my opinion he should have a bit more fun with being crazy though, because his monologue is about a person who is kind of crazy telling a story. I think at some point you should see his inner madness slipping through and then being regained, unlike now when he just says it in a very “i am under control” manner.


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