Day 31 (Monday 17/10/16)

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn

Work In Progress evaluation

Today we had our commission work in progress presentation. The dancers presented it first:

I thought the dancers were all really great, all that needs to happen is they need to piece everything together into one performance. Fluidity and transition is all that is missing for it to be an actual good story told with dancing. Besides it was that good with one person missing. If anything else was to be added, I’d say have your faces tell the story as well. Because the dancing is good, but it will be easier to understand the story if the face is telling the story too.

Then it was the actors turn to show our work:

I think this performance was not as good as our first rehearsal, at least personally. But then again we were missing three people and still managed to do it well AND get a lot of good comments on it. The best part about having people watching us do it is that we actually are trying to impress someone with it and it’s not just “alright i’ll do this because i fucked up my line”, you have to do something. And also we get constructive criticism.

First thing that was hard to adapt for everyone was the space. We were told to ignore the red line but everyone still played in the red line even though there were chairs blocking some of the stage off. So we need to work on adapting to any kind of stage that we are put into. As said by Helena on the feedback section Ryan should give more time to people for them to respond when he asks “can anyone guess what it is?” because people were willing to respond and he didn’t give them enough time. We, as workers, also have to give Ryan some time and control to ask and indicate who should respond. If we let him be in control and carry the play we will be just fine. Eren has to be bigger, speak louder and his actions should be big enough so people in the back can see. Also the line that Ines says “Maybe it only works with the boy”, Eren or even Justin can also say it in character if Ines stumbles and forgets it. Justin is very loud and that is good for a show like this but he is sounding like Justin when he speaks and he should sound more like an emperor; he should be more pompous. Overall I think we did pretty well considering we were missing three people and I had to play the bed, which is done by three people, alone. And people as workers covered for the missing people pretty well when guessing what Ma Liang had painted. We just have to work a little on our entrances and exits as those are still not that smooth, I think. I also need to work a bit more on my rice field worker so I can stay in character no matter what.

After the work in progress presentations we talked with Lynn about the feedback and she said most of the things that I said before. We decided to make our actual prop list now because while people of ‘Our House’ will be in their rehearsal week, we will be making the necessary props.

So here is our prop list:

– Bowls/baskets/bags for rice gathering (could get away with not having these- audience can still tell what we’re doing)
– Gong
– Old unmagic paintbrush
– Whiteboard
– Wafty cloths (big and little)
– Magic paintbrush
– Butterfly on stick
– Water bottles x 2
– River/sea cloth
– Coat
– Handkerchief
– Big bowl
– Hat
– Rope
– Jesters hat
– Red nose
– Shabby robe
– Boat
– Money for money trees
– Teddy
– Sticks and ribbons (for storm)
– Chinese hats
– 2 x hairbands

We also finally made a group for the year one actors to not bother everyone else in the conservatoire east page with our commission work posts, like the props. This will facilitate our communication as things are less likely to be missed.

Afterwards we went into the forest right outside of college to take a picture to market our street performance. We had brought in our own brown and green clothes or went into tweed to find something that would work. We were all dressed like trees amidst a forest with a nice sunlight upon us. My arms started to hurt while holding the green cloth, this is what I get for being a tall person and having to be in the back holding the things above people’s heads.

After coming back to room E0.44 Lynn went through some marketing techniques with us to help attract people to our street performance. Some of the most important things to mention on a marketing leaflet are: date, location, title and that it’s free (if it is). So how would we go about advertising this in a quick and informative manner? We don’t want to put in too much text or else people won’t read it.

On Friday, 25th of November 2016 at the Christmas Fayre in Bury St Edmunds a street performance for anyone and everyone will be performed by students of West Suffolk College. It’s free! So, just turn up no matter your age you will surely enjoy it. ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ and ‘The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel’ are fairy tales and they’re the performances to watch for. Made possible by Conservatoire East.

I would probably write it out somewhat like that. Short and to the point.

Liam stayed responsible for making an image with all of this included so that we can easily share it; and Thalia volunteered to make a small trailer video for us to share as well.


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