Day 32 (Tuesday 18/10/16)

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn

Commission work

Today we finally talked a bit more about ‘The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel’. Some roles were reassigned to other people due to some people not being in the course anymore. We read through the old script again except this time we had our roles assigned. We stopped at the second son’s arrival at the Inn because the Inn keeper had unlimited food and drinks at that point and there was a clash in the script with that. Having read through the script we knew more or less what we would say and what our characters were like so we were asked to group up into who we most related to and work on the characters. On my case it was the other siblings, my two sisters. We decided that the child #1, Sabrina, would be a person who wants attention and she gets it, she is the mom’s favourite. Me, the child #2, I’m a bit heroic and adventurous. I can take care of myself pretty well. Child #3 is Thalia and she seeks attention from all of us but doesn’t get any. She gets everything that we don’t want and she fights for the attention of the other two siblings, which she doesn’t get as the siblings pass her along to each other as if she were a burden. We all act differently but we have similar thinking process as siblings.

The other people also did the same process of character development and it was all great. I had a few ideas for Eren’s donkey keeper part. Maybe he could scratch his head too because I think he is a dirty person because he works with the donkeys. Tom, and also Eren, need to speak louder, slower and clearer. I am working on my speech as well. I’m currently working on prouncing the ‘th’ sound correctly. It’s hard, I can do it but I need to think about doing it a lot.

Performing at the Queen’s Birthday Tea Party

This was actually my first performance ever! We didn’t have enough practice for it but I think what came out was quite an enjoyable piece. Every since I joined the course my confidence has bloomed and I thought I’d be much more nervous but I actually wasn’t. I was more nervous during my singing part because I wanted to sound good and I didn’t have a vocal warm up before. I think I could have sung it much better but it’s alright, I was loud and everyone could hear me so that’s good. I was still singing it too fast though.


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