Day 33 (Wednesday 19/10/16)

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

Script work: High Fidelity Performance

Today was the day we had to do our final script performance. Me and Sabrina wanted to go first because she was nervous and if people did it before her she said she would get even more nervous. Besides it shows interest if we want to go first, so I was fine with this.

High Fidelity
Karolis as Rob
Sabrina as Laura

In my opinion our performance was shit. It was alright acting wise, but Sabrina messed up her lines and that made me not know what I was supposed to say next and this really bothered me. I know that if I knew the script better and she had said something that she doesn’t say at that point I would have either responded something else that is not in the script that my character would say, followed by the line that comes after what she should have said. I don’t know what others thought but I really thought our performance was bad. Not only because of the huge stop that happened midway but also because after people had already corrected me on my continuity of entering and leaving through different doors I still went ahead and did the same thing. I entered through one door and left through another. Obviously after we ended that was one of the things that was said about our performance. Sabrina thinks we did good and that we’re here to learn and we’re not perfect. I don’t agree. I think if we’re here, we have to be able to do everything in our power to make our performance as perfect as we can. That means not messing up lines and acting to the best of our ability. Finding our character and developing it, which is something I failed to do. Also, as we are foreign our accents are not ideal for understanding. Especially for reenacting a British movie scene. I have been working hard on my RP accent and I will continue to do so and hopefully have it down to a decent level by January.

I make it sound like our performance was really bad, but it wasn’t. I do think we acted well. From the feedback that we got they said it was much better than the first time we performed it because we just sat and there was no pointless movement. People felt a connection between us this time. I did too, to be honest. I felt like I was the character and was actually wanting to get back together with Sabrina. Even though I didn’t study the character as much as I should have I still felt such a huge connection between me and my character. It is one of the characters I’ve been able to feel the biggest connection with. I could feel what the character was feeling when he was speaking. And on a last note, we were so into our characters that we even ignored something really loud outside which everyone else noticed, but we didn’t.

Clearly the dry moment was the death of everything.

And the clear moment where I don’t know where the door is.

Justin as Shrevie
Jess as Beth

Their acting was really good, not that much better than the time from before in my opinion. It was different and better but not by much. Their acting was good though. The only thing that threw me off was when Jess said “don’t shout at me” and Justin wasn’t really shouting he was just kind of talking. Gary said that the best way to act natural is to have natural props and if you don’t have them, don’t make up. Don’t start touching things that aren’t there unless it is absolutely necessary and/or you’re really good at it.

Angels in America
Thalia as Harper
Ryan as Joe

I thought this was the best performance out of all that were performed on this day. Their fluency and interruptions were so on point it looked like a real thing. I felt like I was actually in the movie watching the movie, which is weird. Again, imaginary props are distracting and because of that the continuity was a bit ruined as Ryan put his burnt dinner into the bin and Thalia later on said that she will burn his dinner even more until the house sets on fire. They both also have ticks. For Thalia it is the hands that are placed in a weird way when she is acting stressed and for Ryan it is his eyebrow movements. What they have to do is shake off before starting and they will just be more relaxed straight away.

Barefoot in the Park (?)
Mia as Corie
Liam as Paul

This was a really long piece and I commend them for having been able to learn it and only have a little stumble which was very well recovered as she still stayed in character and the dry moment could be completely ignored. I thought Mia was speaking a bit too fast at the start. Maybe it’s the character but she could have slowed down a bit. Liam and Mia both have ticks as well. For Liam it’s still his lip smacking and he now also has superhero arms. Mia used to put her hands into her pockets all the time, now she didn’t but she put her foot forward and her hands in a weird way a lot of the times. These are things that need to be mentioned so they can be fixed as soon as possible. I still don’t have any ticks and the thing I need to focus on working is my RP accent. I thought Liam’s character was exactly his cast. If someone were to be cast as that character, Liam would get the part. Mia on the other hand was solid for most of the time, except for when she tried crying which looked a bit forced, my personal favourite part of her acting was when she said that she was not hysterical with the most hysterical voice. The only thing that distracted me slightly was that there was a lot of pointless walking around. It’s an argument and sure there is walking but a lot of it could have been removed in my opinion. And also the door bit where she closes the door to get in but passes through it when leaving the room. It’s small things but anything can make an audience lose their immersion.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica


At the start of the lesson we talked about what had worked on our devising lessons from before. Some of the things were characterisation of the objects, their relationships with the other objects and movement of the objects.

We have started devising our fridge piece. And we start that by developing a story from which we can then gather characters that will be in the fridge. So we ask ourselves what are the most and least used items in a fridge? Which items go in and come out quickly and which ones stay there forever? We then had to think of how those items got in the fridge, what items would even be in the fridge and why. So we decided to use a plot suggested by Jess which is a guy’s girlfriend moves in with him and starts buying things that he would not normally and the fridge fills up with things that it has never had inside it.

The guy, Tim, is a meat lover. In the end we decided he would have milk, cheese, bacon, tomato and a beer in his fridge. His girlfriend, Lucy, is a vegan and brings in a plethora of items that the rest of the items in the fridge are dumbfounded by: tofu, soy milk, dairy free yogurt, kale and champagne.

I was really disappointed when I wasn’t the milk with Thalia as soy milk, we had a thing planned out. Instead I was the tofu with Justin as bacon, and only later I was milk and he was soy milk. Unfortunately the milk had lost its fun after having been performed by Thalia and Sabrina and my willingness to be the milk had dropped.

Either way, whatever item i am assigned to be in the end I think it’ll be fun, although I don’t love this, it’s still quite fun.

At the end of the session we still had a little time and we played “turn left” and I think I actually played my character quite well, I developed who I was quickly and effectively!


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