Day 34 (Thursday 20/10/16)

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn


We now know ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ story quite well and we can perform it to a certain degree so we started to develop our script for ‘The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel’ into a performance. I still need to understand my character more because I noticed that as I was acting I wasn’t too sure on how to be. We sing a song that is really funny and hopefully will stay until the end. We sing this song while going around the stage near the public feeding the goat.

La la la, what a lovely day
Out in the meadows
Feeding my goat

As we are practicing and blocking the script two girls come in as visitors to see what it is that we do. We keep going with our lecture as usual until it’s almost time for them to leave and we explain to them how everything works here at Conservatoire East.

After they left we ran through what we had blocked up until then and recorded it:

Then we blocked my scene with the donkey lady and Thalia’s scene with the Cudgel. As Sabrina wasn’t here her part wasn’t blocked even though she’s the first one to have a scene after what is shown in the video. Once I have my character figured out everything will be much easier to act. Me, Sabrina and Thalia were given the task of figuring out our character’s names so that they’re something funny like ‘Tim, Jim, Bob’.

Practical at T0.07 with Lynn


Thalia took the initiative to teach everyone the samurai game, which is similar to the pistol game except no one can lose. The goal of the game is to warm up and bring out your voice.

On this lecture Lynn gave us the task of studying an animal for the first 30 minutes by watching Youtube videos of them. We had to find particular characteristics that we could apply from the animal onto a human. I chose a lion as I slightly identify as that animal. We couldn’t have the same animal so I was just hoping for the best when I chose one of the most popular animals as the one I was going to research and study. As I studied the lion I realised he is a really majestic creature who seems proud of just being who he is. A lion also licks his face while resting but I didn’t search why he does that. I did however notice that after a lion seeks its prey, kills it and is done eating he walks away with his head down and not up; again I didn’t research why.

When it was time to represent our animals as a person to Lynn I couldn’t think of anything more special other than just looking proud and having my chin up because that’s all that lions do. They’re calm, slow and proud. Everyone represented their animal nicely but the one I liked the most was Justin’s wasp because of the particular feature that it is never still, it’s legs are still slightly jittering as if it’s a nervous person.

At the end of the lecture we were told to look into ‘Creature Comforts’ and ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ which I did. Creature Comforts records genuine conversations of random people and animate them to animals according to which animal they sound like. ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ dubs people speaking over wild animal footage. These are both great examples of anthropomorphism.


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