Day 35 (Monday 31/10/16)

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn

Commission work

At the start of this session we reviewed what we needed for ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ performance. The most important bit for me to remember and figure out is how the water bottle bit will go. Will we have a blue piece of cloth inside the bottle which will fall out when the bottle is magically refilled, it would be painted on the outside so that no one can see inside… or will we have a water bottle switch instead, where the bottle being is a typical transparent one and has actual real water which will be swapped for the empty one when the magic river appears. I am currently very undecided because while the first option keeps a consistency due to the river also being made of similar material, the second option is more real and that’s what we’re going for. Besides I’m not sure how to make the cloth not fall out during the first time if it has a weight attached for it to fall. I think it’s a slightly complicated maneuver technique but if the technique was easy I think this would be the better option. Since it isn’t I would probably vote for having real water.

First thing we had to do was gather cardboard. And so we did. We got a lot of it, Mia and I. We got more just the two of us than the rest of the people combined. That is the power of bins. Once we had all gathered as much cardboard as we could, which was a lot, we decided that we should start with making the boat and the coins. The boat sounds like the hardest part to make because it has to be done out of cardboard and a lot of work. Me and Mia were placed to work on the boat and its sails while I’m not exactly sure what other people were doing aside from the money tree coins.

I am responsible for pretty much all of the boat’s wooden part and Mia is going to be drawing and cutting out the sails.                                        img_20161031_110118523

As can be seen in the image above this is just the rough size of what we have to work with. The boat is going to be quite small, smaller than what i’d like it to be but it’ll have to do. I have currently done the rough drawing of the boat’s shape and have started to cut out the unnecessary bits. I’m thinking of making it half 3D so that it will appeal to the type of stage that it is which is a thrust stage. This means that the boat will only not look like a boat from one side, which is the side that the people will be in, holding the boat from. My idea is great, but let’s see if I can manage to craft it into a boat.


As I’ve said I think the others are drawing and cutting out the coins, but I’m not sure what else and to be honest their job sounds a lot easier and much less responsibility. But I trust in myself. As Lynn said I look like the kind of guy who could make a cardboard boat even when I have no idea what I’m doing.

Here are just some more images that were taken during the start of our crafting:

Each of us explained briefly what we are currently doing:



Ines and Sabrina:

Will and Tom:





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