Day 37 (Wednesday 02/11/16)

Commission work

Because Gary is working on ‘Our House’ we did not have his lesson. Instead I spent the free time learning and rehearsing the ‘Bent’ dialogue for Monday’s audition. I think me and Harry have a great start to it but it still needs a bit more work which we will have time for on Thursday.

Then on Erica’s lecture we worked on our commission props. I unfortunately still couldn’t finish my boat but I have a clear vision of what I need to do and that is to cut out the top part to curve it in as a boat, make sure everything is secure and then paint it. Adding a Velcro so the boat can split during the storm is the final touch that will be missing then. It was really hard to make the decision to cut the boat for it to curve at the top just like so:


But in the end I realised that it didn’t make sense for it to not curve, even if the boat is only in half 3D. I have also decided to use a combination of green (blue with yellow) with red to make a certain color of brown to paint the whole of the boat. And I’m using orange (red with yellow) with purple (blue and red) to make a darker shade of brown to paint the separating spot of the wood planks and the contour of the boat.


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