Day 39 (Friday 04/11/16)

Audition Preparation

I was expecting to perform my monologue today but instead what we did was prepare for the other questions that drama schools might ask.

What else do you do aside from course work? – is one of the questions and unfortunately for me my life isn’t that exciting so I have to bring out everything I’ve done that is mildly interesting.

I used to spend a lot of time on my computer playing games and watching shows so I can type quite quickly and actually if I wasn’t going to performing arts I would have went to a course of computer science. I love swimming and snorkelling, especially in the ocean. I used to practice swimming at Inatel, a facility dedicated to teach swimming where you could also enter competitions. I can speak Portuguese fluently and also a bit of Lithuanian, since I was born in Lithuania and lived in Portugal for 8 years. I like doing parkour but haven’t had the chance to do it properly again for a long while and I can juggle with three objects. I’ve also been in a shooting for a music video. I’ve played Raif in a melodrama and sang ‘The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’ at the queen’s tea party.

The other question was – What have you seen recently/liked/disliked?

Joan Babs and Shelagh. It is a professional one person performance about the life of Joan Woods. I thought it was amazing as the one person embodied various different personalities and made it very real and as clear as she could even though her biography is a bit confusing.

Our House. An amateur performance performed by my colleagues at conservatoire east. I was very pleasantly surprised as it was the first show I’ve seen directed by Gary. A very high quality considering I study with the people that performed it, I felt proud to be a part of conservatoire east. I even cried at the end of act two!

I’ve also watched Rick and Morty, my favourite cartoon currently because it is exactly the kind of comedy that I like. It released recently and I’m awaiting its third season.

I also learned that the Theatre Royal is a regency theatre and that is something I should remember because it is a theatre nearby.


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