Day 40 (Monday 07/11/16)

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn

Commission work

For the first time we had everything right to be able to block ‘The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel’ perfectly from start until finish because Sabrina was here and the script was all done and all correct. But before that we quickly looked at a few drama schools that we could auditon for. That should be our goal if we have the way to fund it. If not there are still other ways to fund it but that’s most probably not an option for me.

I think the blocked parts are becoming better and better even now that we still don’t know our script at all. Tom Foulger is still having trouble not speeding up too much which is really funny to me. However, he’s a great donkey. I think one of my favourite parts of the story is where me and Will travel around the world and he mimics the people from around the world as a donkey, it’s just so funny.


After break we finished blocking and then went on to show the people form ‘Our House’ what we had done with the props and work on them a little more, now with their help. I still hadn’t finished my boat, however during lunch time I stayed in for longer and was able to finish the boat. It is now ready for painting and then it just needs velcro to join both parts of the boat. I hope the velcro can hold the boat well enough because it might just be a bit too heavy for velcro to hold and that worries me. In any case we can probably either just put more velcro or a bit of tape to make things just a bit more secure and during the storm it can still be easily teared off.



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