Day 41 (Tuesday 08/11/16)

Practical at E0.30 (Theatre) with Lynn

Commission work

This was the first time we had a lesson in the theatre and rehearsing in here felt so much more like an actual rehearsal for an actual thing instead of just something unimportant. It’s a much nicer rehearsal space, but it is bigger and the space we will be working in is much smaller so while rehearsing we had to keep that in mind. We still didn’t get the size right but currently our goal was just to practice lines and block the bits more accurately. Which we did. I feel like we made big progress on the things that we rehearsed.

The first thing Lynn wanted to get right was the part where me, Sabrina and Thalia go to Ryan, Mia, Ines and Justin individually. We figured out what each of us would do and what we would differ on. I don’t do much during these parts, it’s mostly Will, as the donkey, doing all of the funny bits. But I’m happy how this turned out as it was a slightly confusing part and now we have order and we know exactly what we’re doing when we’re going around the world.

Afterwards me, Sabrina and Thalia rehearsed the part where we sing:

Tralala, what a lovely day
Walking in the meadows
To feed our goat.

We now know the order in which we go, who takes the goat (Mia), who starts to sing and how we sing it. We have also blocked the second part of the song in which we return home:

Tralala, what a lovely day
Going home
Because we fed our goat.

Liam also rehearsed these two songs alone with Mia but it was quicker than with us because he had already seen how we do it and he knew what the song said, and its tune.

Then we spent the longest amount of time out of all the parts we rehearsed on rehearsing where mother gets upset at us for not feeding the goat and beats our butts with her broom. We’ve now been able to jump and duck well enough and we also changed the initial butt reference from Liam just tapping my butt to him poking all of our butts because afterwards he moves away and sweeps the floor a bit, which is a comedic moment, and we all get into our positions easier if he does it like this. When we are leaving to college and do our last turn of sadness to Liam, Thalia gets behind me and Sabrina who are at the front looking sad and she just peeps through the middle of us. There are a lot of funny moments in the performance but I doubt anyone will get them all, or even understand what is being said.

Finally me and Sabrina went through the innkeeper bit where for me it was made clear of how I would make the donkey poo pennies. Everything else was already rehearsed to a good enough standard.


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