Day 42 (Wednesday 09/11/16)

Practical in E0.44 with Gary


Today we looked into cold reading. This is a very useful skill to have for any audition as people might ask you to do it. Most of us had never done cold reading before so everything that Gary said in this session was extremely helpful. Cold reading is hard and we know why. It’s because you don’t know the story, don’t know how to act and have to do it anyway. You have to say your script – without knowing it – as knowingly as you can. After having discussed what is hard about it, these were the tips Gary gave us and which I am going to apply:

  • Scan the text quickly and break it apart on the second read
  • Memorise first and last line of the script
  • Analyse the character, who he is, where is he, who is he speaking to
  • What is the script about?
  • What kind of mood does it have and what is the character feeling?
  • Where to pause. Silences are a good way to regain focus and buy time
  • Hold the paper away form your face
  • Eye contact
    And if time is available:
  • Is an accent necessary?
  • Is there a dialect to follow?
  • Any necessary physical movements?



And then Ryan started reading and doing his eyebrow tick. I thought it was alright, but with very obvious flaws, as mentioned it is hard to act while trying to read the script but you have to make movements, you have to not have the paper cover your face. And those are some of the things Ryan failed to accomplish. Then Gary showcased how it should be done more or less. He’s good at it, but as someone who has the script you notice a lot of mistakes even when Gary is doing it. That’s because cold reading will have mistakes a lot of the times. It just means you have to decide what you think is better and deliver it like that.

Commission work

Erica wasn’t in today so we spent our time building props for ‘The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel’. I am proud I had finished cutting it up before and now I have started to paint my boat. It was very hard to get the right shade of brown; I still think I didn’t get it. And it’s very hard to keep a consistency for the whole boat with the same colour because you have to make more brown and it’s always different. You just have to remember more or less what colours you put in which amount. I almost ruined everything by putting too much water in a cup and then mixing it with the wrong shade of brown. I had to make a different brown in another cup and then add slowly bit by bit the contents from the other cup.


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