Day 43 (Thursday 10/11/16)

Practical in T0.07 with Lynn


It was really cold today, especially in the shed. But we had no other place where we could be in so this was our only option where we could rehearse in. We started with a nice warm up however, which was very necessary, me being me I didn’t bring anything warmer than a t-shirt and had to be cold during the whole session.

Our first rehearsal was just a run through ‘The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel’ to see what would happen. I obviously need to know my lines and i was still uncoordinated because I didn’t remember how to put things together properly. But overall we were able to perform it well enough to not need to stop and figure out what to do. After this we went to a warmer place (purple haze) to take notes on what we have to do to make this better.

I wrote down where I enter and where I leave because during the last run i forgot which way I go and exited stage left when I had to go stage right. I wrote down on the script in which pages I am not in so that I know I can skip ahead of that sheet. I also wrote “SLEEP” near the part where i go sleep because it’s something I nearly forgot during the last run. Once I wake up I should say goodbye to Justin specifically and not the audience. In general though, I should be speaking to the audience and making eye contact a lot. And also move away from positions that are constant and have me with my back turned to a certain person in the audience for too long.

After break we came back to the shed and ran through ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. We didn’t sing the second verse of the song, and I don’t think we will or we even should in the actual performance because to be honest it’s a bit pointless. Having not rehearsed it in over two weeks I think we did pretty good to remember all of the bits. It was also refreshing for Lynn to see something with an audience’s eyes and not Lynn’s eyes. She didn’t have any notes specifically for me because I don’t play any actual role but as always: make it big. And I will also have a more extended clown moment for when I leave in sadness.

And then we recorded our run through TDC (The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel). I felt much more into this run. Even though I still didn’t know my lines that well at all I performed better because I knew I was being recorded. I spoke to the audience more, I moved when I had to move to give the audience a better view. It was just so much better. Then at the end Lynn said so herself, that we had done a great job.


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