Day 45 (Monday 14/11/16)

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn

Commission work

Everyone had to be off script for today for ‘The Table, the Donkey and the Cudgel’. I am nearly. I can say most of my lines without paraphrasing but some of them I only know the general idea of what I say. I do also know my queues and what I do blocking wise, except during the first no-script run through I messed up one bit but remembered immediately after.

Jess Bellamy wasn’t in today so me and Eren did her parts. It wasn’t a smooth run but it was a run without looking at the script and that is good. We all know our lines more or less and I think for our next rehearsal we will know our lines much better and there will be less or no small interruptions; which will also reduce the total time of the performance. It is currently at 22 minutes but running it through smoothly I think we will get about 20.

I think we’re all doing really well at the moment and once we include the props everything will make more sense. As for the props, we’re nearly done with a lot of things. The boat I’ve been making is completely painted now and all it needs is to have the sails attached and velcro to attach both parts of the boat. Next time we rehearse we will be using some of the actual props and some replacement props like the two tables.


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