Day 46 (Tuesday 15/11/16)

Practical at E0.07 with Lynn

Commission work

At the start we all sat down and thought of things that we needed to bring from home or Tweed to our performance. I did not write down what others need to bring for themselves even though I know more or less. From what I recall: Ma Liang needs his jacket, spies might wear something similar to a fedora, the emperor will wear a crown and a robe, teddy bear for the little girl at the end, jester’s hat for me, Jess will need a blue (or any other coloured) hat, scarves for the three siblins in the next performance, grey clothes for donkeys, brown clothes for goat and a dress for Liam. All I need to have for myself is a coloured scarf and a jester’s hat.

We were going to look in Tweed for some things but ended up not going because there was a lecture currently being given in there. Instead we went for an Italian run, which is performing it all as fast as we can while still being coherent and speaking properly. We managed to do it all in 14 minutes as opposed to the 21 that we did last day. Of course I messed up a lot of my lines because I was focused on saying them quick and not actually saying them. However that is one of the purposes of an Italian run, it makes us know very well which lines we don’t know as well. I don’t know a whole lot of them if I’m not given time. I also paraphrase a lot, I noticed. I’m going to have to study my lines much more for next rehearsal.

Here is the full italian run:

We finished off with another run in which we took the energy from the last run and tuned down the silly speed a notch. We ended up finishing at around 18 minutes, which is shorter than what we did first day by a lot. Lynn was very happy with it timing-wise and energy-wise but there were still bits that needed some fixing. For me I need to not cross my arms so much. I’ve started doing that for this character because of when goaty is a liar I cross my arms to symbolize how annoyed I am but I transitioned it into other scenes that should not have me crossing my arms. We’ve never seen the magic objects of the other siblings and we can’t forget to be amazed at it because it’s something incredible.There is also a line that I always forget which is saying “Donkey, poo some pennies!” right after I am given the donkey. I think it will be slightly complicated to do the donkey poo bit and also I will have to catch the coins, which just adds to the difficulty. Lynn also noted that after I pick up the pennies I should show them to the audience but the only time I can do that is when saying “That’s amazing, thank you!” and I can’t catch all of the pennies in that short amount of time.

Something will have to do though and once I know my lines very well everything will be much easier to block. We’re running through the whole thing with as many props as we have. We’re taking everything in on Thursday.

dont cross arms / be amazed at magic / poo pennies second time / show the pennies


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