Day 47 (Wednesday 16/11/16)

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

Today was another session where we did some cold reading. We paired up and had a few minutes to read and analyse the script we were given. It was a script from ‘Equus’. I was paired with Eren and I did the part of Hesther while he did the part of Dysart. We performed it first and I thought we didn’t do that well. I didn’t move as the scene directions said for me to move which I regret not doing and I also didn’t act out any movement; all I did was read the script because I didn’t know it. In the script there are some more dramatic moments which are identified by a phrase that should have the audience react in a certain way at that point. For example when Hesther says “He blinded six horses with a metal spike” it should be a moment of silence afterwards because of the shock. Or when the mental person’s name is said “Alan Strang”. It’s a near ending to a scene and name’s being said are usually quite important especially in this context as it leaves us wanting to find out who this person is.

The video of me and Eren:

I thought that Liam and Mia captured the sarcasm and the transition from desperate to glad that Dysart helped well.

Jess and Will expressed their words very well and the emotion from Jess was very felt.

Justing and Ines said some phrases in a way that no one else said which just felt right.

Thalia and Ryan made their stage directions very clear and I thought they were extremely effective. I also thought they were the ones who acted out the scene instead of reading it the best out of everyone.

I thought me and Eren were subpar in our acting but Gary said he felt a connection and I’m glad for that.

In the end we said we would read the play that this script is taken from because we are all interested in it. I will borrow Thalia’s copy and read it for next week.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica

Lynn and Erica decided that we would perform both of our pieces today and show Erica what we have so far. ‘The Sly Innkeeper’ was first and we know most of it quite well but we need to rehearse with the props and we need to polish up our lines – or at least I need to. ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ went horribly the first time because we had never done it with props and a board and Ryan’s drawing was horrific so everyone started laughing and the whole run’s atmosphere was pretty much ruined. However we then did it again and it felt much better also with the props as it makes more sense.

Once we get the prop integration down into the piece we will be able to perform it up to a much more reasonable standard. Then again we still need to finish doing props too.


At the end of the lesson we played a bit of pictionary; my team won when I drew prison and Ryan guessed in 5 seconds!


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