Day 48 (Thursday 17/11/16)

Practical in T0.07 with Lynn


This session was the session to finish up all props and get all our costumes ready. So we took all our props from  E0.44 in to T0.07 and started to finish them up. I noticed some parts of the boat had separated and broken down a bit so I reapplied gaffer tape on the areas that needed fixing and it is now solid enough. To finish the boat completely I attached velcro to the sides of the boat so that it could split in two during the storm. One problem that arose is whether the two sides would rip off when separating the velcro. We only have to do it twice and with a certain technique of pulling it outwards it reduces the chances of ruining the boat when separating.

Finished version of the boat:



We went into tweed to search for things that we could use that we didn’t make. Me, I was looking for a jester’s hat but instead found all sorts of other useful things like spy hats. In the end we did find a hat that could do for a jester’s one. Jess brought in some of her scarves to use for the three siblings and the scarves are amazing. They are very story-like and very warm too.

After getting all of that done I didn’t have more to do, while other people finished up some props I was thinking of how to solve the water bottle problem. Because in the school i wouldn’t be able to pour the water on the floor I had to find a way to pour it somewhere so that it wouldn’t ruin anything. I asked Eren for help and he suggested pouring on my hand, which is alright but after mentioning this suggestion to Lynn she came up with the very obvious solution that I could actually just drink it, or rather squirt it into my mouth so that everyone saw water coming out. The water bottle will be one that has a cap that can be pushed in and pulled out so that I can turn it upside down and no water comes out and then I pull the cap up and when I go to drink it water does come out. It will be painted brown around so that it covers up the water.

Here is everyone finishing up the props:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.





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