Day 50 (Monday 21/11/16)

Practical at E0.44 with Lynn

Commission work

Another day to finish props that had not been completed. But before that we showed what we had done to the dancers and got two of them to do the turning of the board. After this run with props and the dancers turning the board we learned a lot of things to make better. Like Justin should not be looking at the board when Ryan is drawing a rope and not a robe. But mostly for myself, I need to arrive from behind the board as the clown and not from the audience because I was drawn and even though I don’t come through the board like everything else, coming out from behind the boar makes a lot more sense. And also I need to be able to hide the clown hat from the audience to not let the surprise out. I need to be hidden well enough to not distract the audience and come out as a joke. Something that we all still need to learn how to not fake is the reaction of “oh my god, it’s magic!”. This needs to be reacted to correctly or else it won’t look believable and we need to be the ones to make it believable.

The things that I know I have responsibility for during the show, currently are:

  • Put clown hat behind board
  • Put boat on upstage left
  • Water bottle with me and behind board on interruption
  • Gold coins behind board

After this the dancers went their way and we had the next to last session on finishing props. Tomorrow is the last one.

I painted the water bottle. The paint is not ideal, it doesn’t look that much like wood, or brown, instead it looks like mud but I’m going to have to believe in the people for them to get that it’s not. It is on for only a short while so it doesn’t really matter that much anyway.



The magic paintbrush that Justin had to make is the worst magic paintbrush I’ve ever seen, it doesn’t look like a paintbrush and it barely looks like magic. But again, you just have to trust the people to understand what it is.


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