Day 51 (Tuesday 22/11/16)

Practical in E0.07 with Lynn

Nearing closer to performance day we need to get all the bits that involve props that haven’t been rehearsed yet. And the most important one to rehearse with props would be ‘The Sly Innkeeper’ because ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ has already been rehearsed with props and we did fine.

So we blocked the magic table laying now that the table could turn “magically” into a table laid with food. During rehearsing its laying though, the table broke down and we couldn’t use it anymore so Liam said he would repair it when he had the time to make it stronger and we moved on to blocking the next thing which was: “Cudgel, out of the sack!”.  It’s not easy to get the cudgel back in the sack is the first thing we noticed. What we decided to do was just have it swung around as if it’s out of control until we can finally fit it in the sack. People who control the cudgel and get beaten on the head with it had some instructions given on how to make it look funnier. It looks easy but it really isn’t and even though I think I could have maybe done it well it was still a bit of pressure because they weren’t really getting it right.

When blocking I noticed the glass on the table was not being handled with enough care and got worried about it swinging about. But later on I realized it was a plastic glass.

I kept forgetting bits and pieces so I wrote a crib sheet which is something I should’ve done sooner and will do for other times I’m performing too.

Two things I took out from these rehearsals was to not look at the audience when something is happening in the scene and I’m not a part of it because then it will distract them from looking at what’s happening and they will look at me instead. And also I really need to be loud and clear. I was being loud and clear during ‘The Sly Innkeeper’ but during ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ I slacked off on the volume and I can’t do that, even if I only have one or two lines I need to make them be heard.


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