Day 52 (Wednesday 23/11/16)

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

A cold reading class was awaiting us again. But this time it was a poem cold reading. I feel like all of us are improving immensely with each cold reading lesson. More and more are we able to look off paper and just do those small little tricks that make the cold reading good.

After a random picking of poems we each had one and studied it for about 10 minutes. When Gary came back we all prepared to cold read our poem. I tried to make sure I knew the first line and last two because that’s what made most sense but in the end I wasn’t able to get the last two as I was nervous.

As for my classmates I thought they are all improving and all of the poems were really interesting.

Sabrina – Had good word enunciation and maybe she didn’t make the right pause or emphasis on the right word, but the words that she said made me feel that they were alive.

Liam –  Has a slow and evil kind of cold voice perfect for horror stories. Having him read something depressing is quite effective.

Justin – It’s hard to understand him sometimes as words get eaten up. He can speak very loud and has great projection but his articulation could use some work.

Tom – This was a crazy poem and a fitting crazy acting came along with this poem unlike everyone else who either stood or sat he gestured a lot of the things and made the world come to life.

Mia – Mia’s voice is great for poem reading in my opinion, she has this sad and dramatic tone to her voice and if she works on that this could be something she’s very good at.

Ryan – He portrayed the story very clearly and had a certain mood to the whole rhyme up until the end where it gets depressing and he changes his voice from “envy for coworker” to “he killed himself”.

Jess – Jess has this classical voice that makes the rhyme seem like an audio book.

Eren – This was a fun poem that could have went as crazy as Tom’s but instead was contained a bit to be just gestures relating to things that were in the poem, which was nice and I didn’t feel like he missed out on anything. This poem also suits Eren because it’s such a fun poem that is read with his serious voice, it makes it funny.

Will – Will read his poem very fast but people said that it was fine because they could understand it. Well, I still think it should have been slower even if “it fits the poem for it to be this fast” What suits the poem is for it to be understood and will has good articulation that’s why people understood, it still should have been slower.

Ines – When Ines sat down on the chair it instantly made me think that she doesn’t really want to do this. She just sat there as if she was going to tell a story to a friend about what happened at lunch. I didn’t feel engaged. She could have made a bit more of a character.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica

We performed the two pieces to Erica and she played a bad audience. I realized I still don’t know one part of the script that well and made sure I know it for the day we perform for real. Erica just made really witty comments throughout which I’m sure no one will do on the day we perform. They might shout a simple sentence but not anything as funny or witty as Erica said.

From this point on we have no more practice with the board including today. This means Ryan needs to know for sure everything that he needs to draw and how he will draw it.

We then finished up some other props I finished the water bottle and it looks really bad but it’s a very minor detail so I don’t think it really matters. The table is still broken from before and I really hope Liam can fix it because I have no idea how to.



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