Day 53 (Thursday 24/11/16)

Practical in E0.07 with Lynn

Our last rehearsal for both ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ and ‘The Sly Innkeeper’ is today. We won’t be able to improve it more than what we get today.

After a run through I still didn’t know my lines as well as I wanted to. I knew how to paraphrase them and I knew the gist of what I had to reply but I wanted to get things right and not miss out on any line. Especially the ones that we say in group.

On ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ I really need to speak louder because I get distracted by the fact that I’m amazed and turned away from the audience and almost speaking this to myself. I need to shout it out even louder because I’m turned away.

On ‘The Sly Innkeeper’ I should say donkey poo some pennies, then grab the tail and then the pennies come out. I must also try to make the pennies look like they’re coming out of the donkey’s bottom and not just throw them on the ground. A very good point was made by Will which is: I should still grab the non-magic donkey’s tail even if the pennies don’t come out. I am now reacting to a lot of the things I didn’t before like the magic table being laid but another point i should have a reaction to is when the mother says “we will be rich forever more” which is amazing. But in my opinion I wouldn’t react much to that because I already had a donkey that poo’d pennies so I knew I was rich forever more and already had my reaction moment.

Most of the things are in place for both performances but we just adjusted the little things. Lynn said she was happy with how it turned out.

People finished finalizing props and I made sure my lines were perfect. Which I’m sure at the time of the performance I will still paraphrase a bit but the more practice the better.

I also asked Lynn about how people in England pronounce “Hannah is drawing”. Instead of saying it the way it is written people unite the words to make “Hannaris draring” I find that really weird. I also had a discussion with my friends on how to pronounce ‘sixth’ and everyone said they pronounce it as ‘sickth’ which I knew wasn’t right in any way but actually yes this is how people pronounce it casually. A lot of people do pronounce it ‘sickth’ but saying ‘sixth’ isn’t wrong.

At the end we did something different and read a poem. We all tried to make it sound different by emphasizing on different locations. Some feel more right than others but in the end it’s about how you read it and if you make it engaging then there really is not right way.


I think I’m pretty good at this because i know the words that could be emphasized to make a more dramatic effect. I find them rather quickly compared to some other people but as I said your own interpretations makes the story’s emphasizing different.

This exercise inspired me to learn the poem we did with Gary from memory and have that in my stock for things i know. I will eventually learn it because I think it’s a really nice poem. Once I have the time and know some more monologues this will be my next thing.


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