Day 54 (Friday 25/11/16)

Thalia didn’t come in today as she is ill and that made everything more complicated. After employability I had to walk Ryan through Thalia’s main part as one of the siblings in ‘The Sly Innkeeper’. Ryan thankfully picked up on her lines quickly and improvised the rest. Having been in all of our rehearsals he knew her lines more or less even without studying them. Since Thalia’s character is a female we had to switch it to a male for Ryan’s role. ‘Philomena’ became ‘Phil’ and every time we said ‘sister’ it now became ‘brother’. We could have kept it Philomena for the comedic effect of a guy having a girl’s name but I thought that it would confuse the audience as I would be calling Philomena on the phone and if people didn’t hear it well they would be confused as to who I am calling. In the end we decided to use ‘Phil’ and it was a challenge to remember to say ‘brother’ instead of ‘sister’.

Then we still had enough time to hop in to some games that people were playing in audition prep.

Now after lunch we would be having our performance out in the street in front of Edmundo’s Lounge. It was cold even with multiple layers of clothing and there was a guy playing an instrument really loud which just made our performances more difficult. Thankfully we had a lot of people from our course come support us and be the audience. If it wasn’t for them we would have not had an audience at all.

I was also in the three performances so I had no rest time between. I had to prepare the props for the next performance inbetween too.

Unfortunately a lot went wrong even if during rehearsal these mistakes would never happen. For example Sabrina skipped Ryan’s part of receiveing a cudgel and she went straight into the inn which messed us all about and we had to change a lot of positions for a lot of people. We ended up being able to fill in very well. Ryan was on top of the game and was helping everyone know what they should do now that this was messed up while also having to do a role that he had never done before. In my opinion Ryan was the MVP of this day. I wish I hadn’t made some of the mistakes I did like when I was supposed to say “what’s this about a table?” and then do the phone call to ‘Phil’ instead I started walking off and even though I came back and did everything right this little bit could have been much better. I was told my volume was good enough so at least I made myself be heard.

The second time we had to perform we did a lot better but unfortunately had a smaller crowd. And had the people from our course not stayed for a second time we would have not had any crowd at all. Especially because we could barely be heard due to the amplified music being played 25 metres away. We were all freezing as well but tried to hold it in to the best of our ability.



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