Day 55 (Monday 28/11/16)

We were handed our new commission brief: U5&6 Inspired by Film. We went through all of the topics and I think that this commission will be much more fun to work with. I can’t wait to perform this, but I know that I might not be assigned something that I really want to do. Currently I have some ideas but they might not be performed by me. I really want to do one of the monologues from ‘Fight Club’. I will have to watch a few movies in the next two weeks but I don’t have enough time. I don’t know how but I will have to find time for that because I need to research this topic by watching movies.

The musical theatre students performed their commission work and we had the opportunity to watch it. Their commission work looked a lot more fun than what we had to do but it also looked harder. It was much more realism focused instead of pantomime kind of theatre which is what ours was like. My favourite performance was Guys and Dolls because I felt the connection between the characters. I believed that each character came was himself. All of the performances were impressive but some just lacked realism or they didn’t look committed enough.


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