Day 57 (Wednesday 30/11/11)

First thing we did was gather around Theatre Royal and then we made our way to Guildhall Feoffment Primary School, where we performed both our pieces ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ and ‘The Sly Innkeeper’. It was a most enjoyable experience, and much better than when we performed in the street. Of course not everyone preferred performing to the kids but I liked it more because the kids were much more interactive and the looks on their faces were the best part.

Practical in E0.44 with Gary

Today was another day of reading, but Gary said later on that we really need to work on our voice so he will help us with that some time later too. We read horror stories today and we were asked to be in groups with people who we haven’t worked with in a while. I’ve worked with Sabrina a lot lately but haven’t worked with Justin as much so we grouped up. We got to tell the story about ‘Poveglia Island’. It was really interesting and as true as anyone can confirm. It’s one of the places you’re not allowed to visit. I thought it was a bit creepy but it doesn’t make me scared because not much does these days, except Trump.

I thought our version was better than the other version of the same story, which is not shown in the video. They had the reading much more separated between people which made it, in my opinion, much less intriguing. It lost the factor of suspense and immersion. If multiple people are saying things one after the other it just distracts from the actual text and you focus on the voices too much. The one thing I liked more about their version is the idea that all of them said at the same time ‘Leave immediately and do not return’. It was very much resembling a disembodied voice.

The second story was about ‘Bloody Mary’. Everyone already knew the basis of the story but I’ve personally never heard about the origins or all of the other things they said. For example how saying her name 13 times instead of 3 was also a less common alternative. The first group were very different from the rest of us. While we all just read standing up, they made us sit in a circle and told the story by being in the middle, one at a time. A lot of people preferred the second group which just stood and said the story because they said it was less distracting than all the movement. But I thought that the first group captivated me more; it would have been better if they knew the words and wouldn’t have to look at the page though. The second group was pronouncing things better than they usually do but first one still managed to do it better while walking, and making eye contact.

Practical in E0.44 with Erica

Having done both performances and had a little chat with Lynn about our final task for the autumn commission we discussed thoroughly both performances, what we preferred in each and why. As shown in the video below, we all had a bit of input and as I said already I prefer the school over street much, much more.


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