Day 58 (Thursday 01/12/16)

Discussion in Purple Haze with Lynn

We talked a little bit more about how we should write up our last task because Lynn was worried that we would write it in an opinion way when it has to be a bit scientific. We already talked about everything with Erica so there wasn’t much to discuss about this topic.

Our next task which is in less than two weeks is what we talked about next. We actually went through the things we have to do in the task and I have already written down most of the tasks rough ideas on my notepad so now all I need to do is develop them and make it all flow and make sense. What is a revue style theatre is what Lynn asked us first. It’s a combination of sketches, songs, dances and all kinds of bits that aren’t related to one another that make a show. This is a very good choice for a style of show for commission because it includes everyone, and everyone gets to do something.We spoke about the different types of awards that movies can get; the different types of things you can be awarded for, too. You could get an Emmy for best supporting actor, for example.

Then we moved on to the part that everyone is excited about which is choosing the movies and scenes that you want to re-enact but having discussed it we now know that the scenes don’t have to be re-enacted. You can recreate it, sure, but you can also: write a spoof or parody version; devise a character’s other life; devise what a character does when he’s not on screen; physical theatre, too, for the dancers. And a lot more that ideas can be adapted into.

I’ve got a few rough ideas for what can be done. I’ve got 3 ideas for a one person show; 4 ideas for a two person show and 5 ideas for a group of 3 or more people.

Next we watched a great radio show called ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ ( I wasn’t expecting a radio show to be that good. I must admit some of the jokes are very clever, some too clever and go over my head and others just the right amount of stupid for everyone to laugh. It is a bunch of people doing a voice focused improvisation show. It inspired me and a few of my course mates to want to do some of those improvisation games ourselves and I wish we could do the game where we end a quote from a movie so much.



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