Day 60 (Monday 05/12/16)

The first thing we did today was watch the last MT commission project. I had helped with feedback on it before, actually and the day they performed it they had taken some of my feedback and ignored other, which is the sensible thing to do. I enjoyed it a lot and if I had not seen the story before I think this would have been my favourite of the commissions.

After this we discussed some ideas for the commission again. Some people still might have not had anything and a lot of things were provided to take inspiration from. For example I said “what if School of Rock had Yoda instead of Jack Black”. There wasn’t much to discuss, really because I know what I need to do and the ideas I have are pretty good already.

Randomly, Lynn taught us this Latin song about poor people not having anything to give except their heart:

Ego sum pauper
Nihil habeo
Cor meum dabo

I saw no reason why we sung this song but I enjoyed it, it’s something that I now know to sing in Latin. Unfortunately I don’t remember the rhythm to it so I can’t sing it.

After the break we played anyone who until Lynn came in and we kept playing until she stopped us to watch some clips and get even more inspiration for our commission work. We watched clips of Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean, Geri’s Game, Laurel and Hardy, and more. This won’t affect my thoughts for the commission probably because I don’t have enough time to watch that many things and I don’t want to get an idea from something that all of us have seen. I will probably watch some kind of new movie on the weekend just to expand on my current knowledge and give me even more ideas, which might hopefully bring up a movie I’ve seen and am forgetting about and inspire me to write a piece for it.


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