Day 62 (Wednesday 07/12/16)

Practical with Gary

When I came into the room Gary wasn’t there and I was told he was having a parents meeting call, which meant he would be late to class. So we started playing improvisation games, mostly anyone who again. I really dislike this game now because I’ve played it so much and it’s so boring compared to the others (like freeze, turn left or even questions only!). Once Gary came since we were already doing improvisation we kept on doing that instead of script work. We got paired into groups of 2 and Thalia was told to start off with “I love the night because” and then she had to expand on that with whatever came into her head. I guess it’s not a hard game to play if you’re a naturally talkative person because this is literally just saying what you think about the night, or what you like about it. After Gary said switch I had to reply with what I liked about the night and I said things about the time I spent with my girlfriend staring into the stars. Next she had to be angry at whatever I said and I think she found it harder to say these things to me than for me to take them. I wasn’t at all offended that she said that I always talked about my girlfriend and myself. Then I had to reply to her with a sad tone. I spoke about how much I missed my girlfriend and I just couldn’t stop talking about her because it’s the only thing I have. That was overall not too hard of an improvisation exercise. I couldn’t do it for too long but I knew where to go when the exercise was given.

Next one we did was we divided the partners in two and assign A to one person and B to the other. Without the other partner knowing, person B was told to act as if they wanted to be with the other person or even have sex with them while person A was told to act like they wanted to go away and just pretending to be their friend. I was the person B. This was fun to act I don’t know why. Then we switched roles and I was the one who wanted to go away. I preferred acting as the person who wanted to be with the other person and not the person wanting to go away also because when we inverted the roles A person could only act more vocally and person B could only act more physically. Gary kept increasing the intensity of how much we wanted to get away/get together too which was particularly hard because at one point I’m already so pretty much leaving the chair that I don’t know what else to do. Vocally producing this is even harder because there is only so much you can say. Afterwards we discussed this and Gary mentioned that at one point you would say “FUCK OFF!” and I hadn’t thought of that. That IS true though.

Overall this was an interesting change of pace to the cold reading we’ve been doing and looked a bit more like an Erica lesson combined with Bent rehearsals.

Practical with Erica

At Erica’s lesson today we were together with all of the MT people and we discussed our casting type. I already knew mine which is a villain pretty much but I was curious as to what else I could be. We ended up saying that I could be a James Bond movie villain, a dragon slayer, a nerdy person or funny character.

After this Erica gave us a script that we would do with certain groups and try to play to a role that wasn’t us. I had to play a gay character which I think I could potentially do. I think I could play most parts really. Maybe even the charming prince which some people disagree with but I feel like I could play him or the shy character who gets bullied at school. He isn’t my cast type but I can play him, I think.


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