Day 63 (Thursday 08/12/16)

At the start we did a fun chant which I cannot remember but the second bit had “babame ayame HUH” and I wish I remembered how it went because it seriously was fun to say. Who knew random words put together could sound so empowering.

Then we moved into T0.07 and on Lynn’s say we made a random shape with our bodies. Then we had to think what that shape could represent. We had to get into the shapes as soon as we could so we didn’t have time to think or plan out a shape that we would do as a group. Then we split into two groups; the class was divided into two. We did the same again but one group had to guess what the shape that the other group formed meant. Changing the focus to which sides and just randomly either being down or as high as possible with no intention of making a story already made a story that the other group could easily guess.

We moved on from people doing random shapes to piling up things that we could find in the room to make… something. Each group made one pile. At first I thought we had to figure out what the other group’s pile of objects could mean but in fact we did our own. Which then developed into something more interesting. First saying what our pile of objects could represent and then make a story out of that!15419458_1280817031978632_2072226993_o

We said that the yellow thing could be some kind of king sitting on a  throne with his sword. The upside down chair could either represent evil or a servant or a person who is offering the sword sheathe, for example. Out of that we managed to make this story:

It’s interesting how we managed to make all this from just a bunch of random objects. Once you get into the creative mindset your mind does the job for you. You can always find or create a story in anything. The simplest and most random of things can develop into a huge story with a plot that deviates from the original thing a lot but it still was the reference point and the inspiration.

The other group managed to make a story like this from the same kind of premise:

Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the original pile of objects that they had.

Our story was more in the kind of medieval game of thrones like genre while the other group did a more recent kind of Japanese detective story.

After break we had to reenact the same story but in a different genre. I liked the other group more in both of the acts. Here is the other groups different genre act:


We made ours as if it were a talk show:

I thought it was great and liked ours but I have never seen the original of this talk show that we were parodying so I couldn’t contribute as much as I did for the original. I also thought that the audience interaction that we did was way too improvised and we should have lead it more and not expected Justin to say anything.



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